Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We've enjoyed all the Halloween festivities this week! On Tuesday night we went with our friends Dan and Lydia to a Haunted House! Well actually there were two parts to it, a haunted forest, and psycho motel. It lasted a whole hour and by the end my stomach hurt from all the screaming and being tense. I get so scared and jumpy when I go to those things but it was so fun at the same time. Jon loved it even though I know he was scared. He would definately disagree. We ended the night by getting jamba. On Wenesday we went up to our friends Jason and Missy's for a Halloween party and dressed up like bad to the bone bikers(: It was so fun and they had everything decorated so cute. We had delicious chilli, pigs in a blanket, and many other treats. Jon, me, and some of the others carved pumpkins. It was my first time doing one of those extreme designs so it took forever but i was happy with the end result. Jon carved a bat and I carved trick or treat and a bat in mine. Unfortunately I don't know if I will get pictures of them lit because I left them out in the sun yesterday and they shriveled up): Everyone was dressed so cute and it made me realize I need to be more creative when it comes to costumes. On Thursday we had our ward party. I was in charge of the cake/candy walk with my miamaids. All the little kids were dressed so cute. Today is actully Halloween and I think Jon and I will just stay home and pass at candy. Hope everyone enjoys there Trick or Treating!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Visitors! Byu vs. Unlv! Halloween cookies!

Me and the kids having fun cutting out the cookies!

Lydia, Kaitlyn, Me, and Lisa. Thanks for the pics lisa and the fun time!

I had so much fun decorating these!

Practicing before the game!

The crew enjoying the pregame practice! Go BYU

Jon and I up at Sundance

Our group at Breakfast!

Jon and I . I love their Hot chocolate as well.

Mom and Dad at Breakfast

My mom and dad came up to visit this past weekend and we had so much fun with them. On Friday we went to see a movie, Saturday we went up to Sundance to get my favorite breakfast and enjoy the beautiful scenery, Saturday afternoon we went to the BYU game and watched them barely scrape by another win. It was a great game to watch though! Saturday night we went to Ruby River and got some delicious steak and ribs for dinner. It was a quick weekend but it was so nice to be able to visit with family again. My grandma also brought us her famous cinnimon rolls and rolls. Yes, they are almost gone already.

On Monday, My friend Lisa had some girls over to her house to have lunch and decorate sugar cookies. I had so much fun and for anyone that knows me, they know I like to bake(: Later on this night Jon and I got door bell ditched with a fun halloween treat. It came with a cute saying and instructions to pass the favor on. So Jon and I had fun door bell ditching other people and leaving fun treats. Hope everyone has a fun halloween!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back with my Cute Hubby!

Well when I got back to Utah Jon was finally home from his long summer of work. He did such a great job and I am so proud of him. It is wonderful being back with him! We have been very busy getting things ready for the baby and finishing things up with our landscaping ect. Jon and I found a cute blue, brown, and white baby bedding set that we got our little one and we are excited to get his room put together. I am so lucky I have a husband that likes to do these things with me because I am not much of a decorator. This last week my dad and my brother Michael came up to Utah to go Moose hunting. They hunted for three days and got one! Great job michael! They were so worn out because they hiked all over up by Ogden. I was glad they got one early because then the last few days they were here they came to stay at our house. We ate at Tucano's ( It's a brazilian restaurant and Michael served his mission in Brazil), then we went to the BYU bookstore and bought some fun stuff for the fam back home. We also went for a beautiful drive thats not to far from our house. Kevin went on a horse back ride a couple weeks ago in this area and told us about it. The leaves were so beautiful. They were red, orange, yellow and green. We went for a short walk and looked at the trout in the stream. Cooper and maverick came with us and loved roaming the wilderness. We saw some deer and Cooper started chasing after them. He is such a curious dog. Other than that Jon got his Harley Motorcycle and comes up with all sorts of reasons to go ride it. He does look very cute on it but I just hope he is safe :). I am doing well and my belly is growing by the day. Our little boy loves to move around and stretch his arms and legs. I can't wait! Hope all is well and all these updates on the blog catch you up.

Michael, My dad, Kevin, and Jon in front of Tucano's

Me and my dad!

Look at that belly. sorry about the side ways pics.

more scenery:)

I let Jon take me for a ride on his bike. I was quite nervous but it was so fun!

My dad and Kevin with maverick

Michael, Jon, and My dad

Beautiful mountains

The colors were so bright

Michael pointing out the trout in the stream

Jon and I in front of the pretty tree's

Jon with his buddy Maverick

Jon on his new bike. He looks so tough:)He also has the black lether jacket to go with it

It is a Harley Davidson Dyna in Black, Silver, and REd.

Me and Michael on our drive. These pics aren't so flattering of me. Oh well:)

Me, Jon, and our doggies!

Visit to Arizona. Yea!!!!!

Two weeks ago I was able to go visit my family in Arizona and attend my cousin Curtis' wedding. Jon was still in D.C. so I caught a ride home with my brother Kyle who was up in Utah for conference. It was so fun seeing friends and family. some of the things I did while I was there.
-hung out with family (mainly Heidi, my mom , and collin. my dad and tyler were on a deer hunt)
-went to oregano's with good friends jade mcLellend, carli heap, kelsey brady, christy owens, Adell carling, and Laura cardon(sorry about maiden names). so much fun and so good to see all of them and catch up.
-celebrated my brother Michaels birthday out at their house. I love seeing my cute nephews and visiting with my family.
- attended curtis' wedding dinner and wedding. It was a beautiful day and they made a gorgeous couple. Congrats.
-saw beverly hills chiuaua. Cute and funny
-did lots of shopping! my mom is so sweet and got me some cute maternity clothes and stuff for the baby. Thanks again! Miss youguys

The cousins. Brad and Nanettes girls,Justin and Becky's kids,heidi,brody,tate,collin

My cousin brooke with tate and collin

ME, my mom, and collin

Mom, Kyle, collin

Me and my cousin Jen and her cute little boy Kyle.

Me and the cute couple who got married

My mom and the wild boys: brody, tate, and collin

Mom and Collin

My mom , collin, and I went to Rosa's. Yummy!

Michael blowing out his candles

Grandpa West and little Rex

Heidi and I. she is growing up so fast.

Collin is going to be spider man for halloween. He is hilarious

Collin, Brody , and Tate

Cute little Rex

Family night. We played the candy bar game after our lesson.

Heidi and collin with the goods they one. Collin was quite the roller

Last Day in New York!

Sorry this post is out of order but oh well. Our last day in New York Jons Regional Manager took us to the Yankees game. We had a really great time and it was such a nice day. Thanks Jason and Missy!