Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back to school!

I am back in good ole Provo. I started school again so I had to leave Jon behind to finish up work in Kansas. He is such a hard worker and I love him and miss him so much. I can't wait for my dog cooper and him to come back this weekend. I finally got settled back into our house. We rented it over the summer time and my cousin Jennifer and her husband Tim were kind enought to let me stay with them for a week until my renters got out. Thanks again guys.
The day before school started we met with the first year girls and had a picnic at a nearby park. I remember that feeling of being a first year because it was just last year. It feels good to know that I will be done in a year, but it will be a hard last year so i have mixed feelings right now. I know it will be worth it because it is a great job to have that also enables me to be a mom too. Well Hope everyone is doing great. I am just holding down the fort here back in Provo. The Byu vs. UOA game is this Saturday. It should be a good one and for all you Arizonians Max Hall should be playing quarterback. I am excited because my best friend Jade is coming to visit me to keep me company. Have a good Labor day weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Trip to Arizona

I went to visit my family this past week and I had a blast. Thank you for the fun time everyone! We went swimming, had BBQ's, ate Tia Rosa's and Serrano's bean dip,we celebrated my grandpa Wests, Brody's, and my friend Jades Birthday's, and we saw Chad bless his beautiful baby daughter Annabelle. They are now in Sanfrancisco and we will miss them. We also saw the movie Hairspray(kinda weird but i liked it), and got pedicures. Thank you again Jade for helping me babysit and for going to Oregano's. It was a blast. Thank you Michael for the Dunkin Donuts I had fun going there at six in the morning with you and the kids. I also wanted to say thank you to my wonderful husband for allowing me to go even though I missed him so much.
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