Thursday, April 23, 2015

March Activities 2015

March was a fun month with lots of extra activities. Although I can get a bit overwhelmed by entertaining everyone, I sure enjoy spending some play time with my family. We had football games to go to for Bentley, Hockey practice, spring break fun, Celebrating birthdays, attending the dental convention, and attending the easter pageant. I did not bring the kids this year because i feel like we all would have been a huge distraction at the easter pageant but I did get to attend with the youth in our ward. It is such a great production and always brings the easter spirit! We also got to go to watch my sister Heidi's track meets and cheer her on. It is her last year so we are trying to make it to as many as we can. Bailey still enjoys dance and is preparing for her upcoming recital. Wyatt loves going to Bentleys practices and games and can't wait to play football himself. Sophia is starting to get chubby even though everyone tells me she still looks small for her age. She is smiling, laughing, blowing raspberries and spit bubbles, moving around the floor on her back, and rolling over. Bentley is such a great student and has gotten great grades the whole school year. He also comes home with awards for good behavior and setting a good example. We are so lucky and feel blessed to be an eternal family. The last event I went to in the month of March was the General Womens Broadcast for my church. It happens every 6 months and we get to listen to the Prophet and his apostles and leaders speak to us. They offer up great advice on raising families, finding the happiness life has to offer by staying positive, enduring trials, and so forth. I was able to watch it with my mom and sister. We had a nice, fun night together.