Monday, July 20, 2015

Birthday fun and Mothers day 2015

We had fun getting together for my dads birthday this month! He is a man of many talents and he just seems to be getting more as the time goes on! We love you dad! It would't be May without celebrating mothers! I am grateful for my own sweet angel mother and I don't know what I would do without her! I was able to take her to get lunch and spend a quiet afternoon together! We all got together with family Mothers day and celebrated as well! I am blessed to have four beautiful children that call me mom as well! They made me feel special and it was a great day! Motherhood is the best but hardest work I will ever do. With the help of my Heavenly Father I hope to be able to be the kind of Mother he would want me to be to these special spirits!

May activities 2015

So much has gone on. Where to start.... May was a fast month because of all the activities going on. The boys started the month of by going on their first Fathers and sons together. They had a good time and are glad they went when they did because the following weekend it snowed where they were at! Bentley had football still so we continued going to practices and his final games. His team won the championship game and they went to a tournament where they got great "practice" playing the teams their age from all over the state. Bentley learned a lot this season and we sure are proud of his determination to do better and be a team player. We had a end of the year football party at our good friends and the coach of Bentley's team house. The boys all had a fun season and the other kids had fun playing with their friends. The weather was still beautiful so we decided to take a short but good hike with the family. The kids had so much fun and Jon and I enjoyed the views. Sophia was introduced to rice cereal this month. She doesn't like it and seems more interested in holding the spoon. We will keep trying and see if she gets used to it. She's rolling all around the floor and loves to chat with anyone that will listen. Bailey is still enjoying dance and had her end of the year recital this month. She had an end of the year/mothers day program in her preschool class as well, that my mom and I went too. She sang and danced so well. It is fun to see what she did in class all year. She is still sassy, but can be so sweet with her sister when she wants to be. She has a great imagination and is the leader when it comes to playing and pretending at our house. Wyatt is good to come along on all the errands we have and to support the activities is older siblings are in. Soon he will be attending preschool and our house will be too quiet I am afraid. The kids all have made good friends and enjoy playing with them. Wyatts best friend is his cousin Trey and Brady White. Bentley still loves to play with his cousin's J and Rex, and his best bud Brock White. Bailey loves her cousin Julz, and likes her friends Emme and margot the best. Other happenings were celebrating birthdays of my Dad and brother Kevin this month, attending end of the school year stuff, and the graduations of my brother Tyler, and sister Heidi. Bentley went to Toro Basketball camp at the end of the month and absolutely loved it. He picked up the game pretty quick and I had fun watching him compete in fun competitions with all the other boys there. A few times he even made it to the final two! Wyatt now loves basketball to and asks me to watch him bounce the basketball. The kids all started swim lessons and Bentley started swim team. I am hoping they will all become strong swimmers this summer. Here are random pictures of our month!