Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fathers Day!

My dad with some of his grandkids on Fathers Day. He had all sorts of fun toys and art projects he did with the kids while we were at the beach. Sitting down at the beach is not his things but he sacrifices for the rest of us and comes to be with us all. He works hard, taught me so much, loves his family, and is always there when we need help. 
Fathers Day has coincided with our annual beach trip many times and this year it did as well. The kids wanted to surprise Jon with some gifts on Fathers day! We are so lucky to have Jon in our lives. He is not perfect but the best thing about him is that is is always willing to make changes and try harder. I admire his positive attitude and zest for life. He loves to travel and see the world. He loves his children and would do anything for them. He loves the lord and teaches the kids through his own words and scripture how we should live to be able to return back to heaven to live together again. He works hard to provide for our family and does a great job at it! He rarely complains, and doesn't judge others. He is a wonderful example and we were so happy to celebrate him this fathers day!

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