Monday, December 18, 2017

Olivia's blessing day

On December 3rd 2017 Olivia's dad Jonathan Anderson gave her a name and a blessing. Olivia Joy Anderson is a precious angel and the blessing she received was as beautiful as she is. Her dad used the power of the priesthood to bless her and it was a lovely blessing. He blessed you to marry  into the temple to someone who was worthy and that treats you like the princess you are. He blessed you with health and strength, with the power to choose good friends, and to be blessed with the desire to choose the right. Mom bore her testimony after the blessing of the love she has for you, our family,  and the savior. I know that families are forever, that we were sent her to be tried and challenged so that we could prove ourselves worthy to return home to our Heavenly Father. I am grateful for the gospel, the scriptures, and the prophet who help guide me through my journey. What a sweet day this was and I will always remember it and hope with this blog you can too.
I loved seeing Olivia in the same dress I was blessed in as a baby! She looked beautiful!

Olivia with big brother Bentley at church
You had lots of family come support you on this day! We are so blessed!
Our family of seven. It was a bright sun shine day!
Great Grandma and Grandpa Curtis

Our little angel girl

Cousin Belle holding you
Everyone was loving on you including Uncle Michael

Olivia and Great Grandpa Curtis

Olivia and Great Grandma Curtis

Olivia with Uncle Tyler

Sunday, December 17, 2017

November 2017

November has been spent adjusting as a family of seven! We have been crazy busy finishing football for Bentley and Wyatt, attending parades Bailey was in with her Vocal performance group. The older kids have stepped up and helped care for each other where I can't. The girls and I were able to get away and attend a Beauty and the Beast play my cousin was in. It was phenomenal and she did a great job! Thanksgiving was spent with my parents, my dads sister Corina's family, and my grandparents. Some of my brothers came later on for pie. It was fun playing games, visiting, and eating delicious food! The next day we joined family and Curtis cousins out in the desert to ride motorcycles. It was fun as usual and good to catch up with everyone. Sadly Benltey crashed on the last ride and got a deep wound in his side! Luckily my sweet brothers offered to stitch him up and had the materials needed to do it! Bentley was tough and hardly shed a tear. It healed well and he is back at it! Wyatt and Bentley both enjoy riding dirt bikes with their dad. Bailey still hasn't got back on after she crashed a few months ago. Hopefully she will be courageous and try again one day. We got to celebrate sweet and spunky Sophia's 3rd birthday on the 29th! It was a great way to end a busy month! She is independent, helpful, sassy, sweet, and testing the boundaries as any kids her age is. She has beautiful eyes, and uses them to be pretty, sweet, sad, and scary. She loves to crack jokes.  She has beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, and continues to grow tall! Everyone thinks she is older then she is because she acts way beyond her years. We are lucky to have her in our family and we love her so much!