Thursday, May 14, 2015

April Activities!

Well Bentley tied up his hockey session by scoring some goals and really improving his skills on the ice. It was fun to all go down together as a family and support him. Wyatt and Bailey had fun running around and playing on the arcade games. We also had funning watching my sister Heidi do the high jump in track all season. Her last meet was also this month. She also went to her Senior prom with a good friend and look just radiant. She is such a beautiful young lady and I am proud of the standards she has! My Dad has really got into a lot of crafting lately and is is fun watching him create many things from antler replicas, to bracelets, to drawings, and such. One of the neatest was when he made Bentley and awesome belt buckle with a cougar on it. He let Bentley pick the animal. Everything else is pretty much the same. Everyone is just learning and getting bigger! Bentley is almost done with kindergarten and it makes me sad to think about how fast time is flying by. He came home with a handsome graduation picture of him and he looked 6 going on 18! Although the kids are wonderful and have so many talents, I feel like I am lying to myself and others by not recording some of the tough stuff. I feel like I teach and teach and teach until I am blue in the face to be honest and kind. Well they are kids and none of us are perfect. I get so frustrated daily with small lies told here and there, or sibling fights which result in my yelling, or kids streaking through the house when I have asked them to be modest. It feels like no one is listening some days. I guess that is why the good days are even greater though. I continue to pray for my family and for myself to know what I can do better and what needs to be done to have more peace in our home. I am grateful for a loving heavenly father who is patient with me and who is always there listening and waiting to help. He is patient with me and I need to be much better at being patient with my kids. Anyways I just felt like mentioning that so when I look back on these records one day it doesn't seem so mundane or like life was smooth sailing. I want to remember the good with the bad and learn from my mistakes. Mothering is the hardest job I will ever do but also the most rewarding. And with that said April was a busy month filled with learning and growing.