Thursday, March 10, 2016

11th Anniversary and Valentines...

Sadly I did not get any pictures of us on our anniversary this year. Like I said in early posts, We went on a very nice cruise at the beginning of Janauary to celebrate our anniversary so that was why we didn't do as much on the actual day. However, Jon surprised me and still took me to Charlestons for dinner and a night out. He also broke our deal and still got me a card. I love his little notes so I didn't mind! It is always fun to reflect on the changes and growing that have taken place since we were married eleven years ago! Sometimes it feels like we have always been together and I can't remember life without Jon. I am grateful for the eternal companion, priesthood holder, provider, positive man, and sweetheart that I have in Jon. He really is my better half and picks up the pieces where I fall short and I feel like I do the same for him. I am grateful for the family we have started and for the father he is to our beautiful children. It's crazy to think about how much more love can grow if you allow it! The biggest thing I have realized that has brought Jon and I closer over the years is when we are both allowing the Lord to guide us. When we put him first everything else seems to fall into place. Another thing I have learned is that I have to worry about me and let Jon worry about him. There is no happiness in forcing someone to do things. It is through constant and consistent patience, love , and in being an example to each other of righteous living that I have seen the greatest change in one another. Also honesty has to be at the forefront of every relationship to allow and cultivate a deep trust that no matter what happens, things will be ok and work out. I love Jon and look forward to learning, and growing in respect and admiration for each other as the years pass by.

 For Valentines I was not expecting anything " extra" because Jon and I had spent a lot of money going on a cruise and we discussed that we would show our love in other ways on the holidays other than buying gifts this year. Of course Jon still got flowers and a card that stinker! I did get him a card as well so I guess we both broke our promise. We went to dinner at one of our favorite Italian places called BRIO and we also saw a romantic/comedy movie that was out in theaters. It was a nice night out without the kiddos to visit and just be us! My wonderful dad also got me the see's cinnamon  hearts I love so much! He has got them for me since I can remember and I think it is so sweet!
 Here the kids and I are frosting the sugar cookies we worked hard to make. They turned out delicious and yummy looking! I love these helpers.
 Wyatt with his. He loves to help me bake and asks me a couple times a week to make cookies.
 Bentley boy gave them the thumbs up.
 Bailey made sure to spread her sprinkles evenly and loved helping.
 Here is the finished product. We took them to several different friends, parties, and family so we needed to make a lot!
 Bentley with the Valentine box he created for his class party. Star wars themed of course!
 My good friend had a little Valentines party for the younger kids who weren't at school. Cousin Julz got to come along too which made Bailey so happy!
 These girls are like two peas in a pod!
 They were checking out all the fun goodies they got.
 Sophia passed out after all the fun but still had a good hold on her popcorn treat.
 Bailey and Sophia at our Lindsey ward Valentine party. They were running around more then they were dancing.
 Which explains why Sophia passed out on our friend Blaine Spencer's shoulder shortly after the party started. Even with all the noise she was out!
 Bentley and his friend Taylor Sherwood were dancing so cute together and as soon as I pointed my phone at them to take a picture they both gave me these looks of embarrassment and jumped away from each other. I was sad I ruined the nice dance they were having.
 Cheycee Spencer is so good with all the kids and they adore being around her! Bailey with some of her friends Emme Mckay and Taylor Sherwood.
 I was honored and felt so special when Bentley asked me to dance.
 It was the cutest thing ever!
 I will always cherish moments like these. It was a fun party and it was bittersweet because it was the last ward activity we had as a ward before the split the wards and stakes. 
 Jon at Brio with me on Valentines. The have the most amazing Bruchetta!
Having fun on our Valentines date night out!
 Going to see our romantic movie 
 We surprised our little Valentines we love so much with little Valentine candy hearts. They loved them as you can tell!
 Cousins frosting Valentine cookies together! 
Wyatt and Jon dancing the night away. 

Bentley Boy turned seven!

The night before Bentley's seventh birthday he lost his seventh tooth. He was already excited and now he was even more so. After seeing what the tooth fairy brought him the next morning, we opened gifts from his siblings because they couldn't wait! Wyatt was so thrilled for Bentley to open the Minion lego set he picked out. They have played with it several times since and have had fun making different inventions. Sophia got Bentley some new Star Wars toothbrushes. Bentley loves Sophia and it was sweet to see her give it to him. Next Bentley got a star wars Pillow, that also serves as a book, from Bailey. She couldn't wait to give it too him and he was so surprised at the fun gift! After that I poured him his favorite bowl of cereal and then he was off to school. The kids and I had fun bringing him his favorite pizza, Pizza Hut, to school to join him for lunch on his special day. His class had done special things for him to make him feel celebrated for his birthday as well. His sweet teacher made him a birthday crown and gave him a pencil that smelt of oranges. That night we took Bentley for dinner and came back to the house for cake, ice cream, and more presents. My mom , dad, and Collin joined us for the fun! Bentley had requested a Football cake with Broncos colors since they were the winning super bowl team. That boy loves football and does well at playing it! We sang Happy birthday, ate some cake, and then it was on to the presents. The only thing Bentley really wanted was a Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald jersey. The look on his face was priceless when he opened that and totally worth the $. He got a new Hockey net and stick from Grandma and Grandpa. Also his Grandma and Grandpa Anderson had sent down a star wars and Minion shirt that he loves to wear.  I love celebrating this oldest child of mine. He has made being a mother easy and is so thoughtful of me. He is starting to get more of an independence about him and even a streak of sassiness here and there but overall he is obedient, kind, hardworking, and helpful. He loves a good long hug and always pulls me in extra tight after bedtime prayers. Ive noticed that is the time he likes to open up and talk and I have had to recognize it and make sure to listen. He is doing well in school, sports, and is a great example of reverence at church and at home. He reminds us to read scriptures as a family, and he is always quick to say he is sorry if he has hurt anyones feelings. He is a sensitive soul and doesn't like to see other people sad or alone. He is a wonderful friend, big brother, cousin, and son. He is a great drawer and makes the best cards! Bentley we love you and hope you know how special you are to us!

Over at Grandma and Grandpas where your cousins sang happy birthday to you since they were gone on your actual birthday!

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Swimming with Dolphins in Cozumel

While on our cruise I told Jon if we got the chance I would really like to swim with dolphins. I had done it several years ago when we were first married but lost all the pictures when our computer crashed. I have loved dolphins since I can remember and even wanted to be a marine biologist when I "grew" up.  Jon being the sweet husband he is obliged to my silly obsession with Dolphins and even came with me! The excitement I felt was tangible and we had a fun group of people along with us. It was a beautiful place in Cozumel right in the ocean and we had a blast petting, playing with, and even riding on the Dolphin holding its fins. At one point the trainer even had us pushed on a boogie board by the dolphin who put her nose on our feet. Noel was our Dolphins name and it was such an amazing experience to be with those majestic creatures. The Photographer forgot to take the mandatory pictures of Jon and felt bad so they let Jon swim with two Dolphins all by himself in addition to the time we spent with Noel. I was jealous to say the least but happy for him as the trainer shared extra information about the Dolphins.We also got to swim and feed the manatees. The are silly looking creatures, but very friendly. After swimming with the dolphins we walked over to see the cutest newborn dolphin swimming by it's mothers side, mimicking every move she made. The dolphin was only 3 weeks old and was the smallest dolphin I had ever seen. So glad we were there at that time to see all of that. Also thankful that we were able to enjoy that special time together.