Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bentley turned 3!

Bailey was so proud of herself. She loves to climb and wander!
I love her morning hair.
At church trying to climb the drinking fountain
Bailey loved the toys and other stuff when we took she and Bentley to Rainforest Cafe for his birthday Dinner!
Both the kids love love love animals

Cute little pajama buns
Bailey girl at the train park on Bentley's birthday.
Bentley loved this climbing wall at the park
Love his little body in pajama's
He got spoiled

Bentley's cousins helping him open his gifts
Playing duck duck goose except all of them got up and just started chasing each other:)
Grabbing all the candy they could get!
Brody killed the pinata with his awesome swing
Kyle had a pinata at his party and knew just what to do.

Bailey taking a turn at the pinata
Bentley's friend Dean has a great swing at 2 years old.
Bentley always so cautious before he attempts anything.
Proud of himself for blowing out all the candles!
Birthday guests

Bentley getting ready to blow out the birthday candles.
Bailey loves her grandpa Curtis. They are best buds
Jon showing off our awesome decorating;)
Car themed plates, cake, fruit snacks, and table cloth
Party Animals(:

Bentley getting tips from dad on shooting his nerf gun
His first nerf gun! He and Jon have so much fun with it.
Bentley loved is new toy motorcycle
Our big 3 year old!
He loved his lightening Mcqueen pinata

The days are long but the months are flying by for our family of four! Our little boy just turned 3 of all things. I feel like it was yesterday we were anxiously awaiting Bentley's arrival. He is such a sweet little boy and is very sensitive. He asks for hugs at random times and he loves to learn new things. He likes to point out letters, numbers, colors, and shapes everywhere we go. He loves riding his bike fast, and he loves pushing around dump trucks and filling them up with sand and rocks. He loves hanging out with his cousins, and friends. He can play at the park for hours, but he also loves watching movies. I am still working with him on sharing his toys with Bailey. Sometimes it melts my heart how well they are playing together..... Other times he's not so nice and I end up with two screaming children. Bentley loves to point out the obvious. For example, he will say you are my mommy, these are my toys, Bailey is my sister, this is Bentley's bed ect. I also love how if I'm dressed nice he will say "momma's pretty". Or if he is dressed for church he will say "Bentley's handsome". Bentley is smart and learns quickly. He is however not wanting anything to do with potty training. I tell him he is not a big boy until he can go on the big boy potty but he doesn't care. He is not one you can push and has to do things when he is ready. He has a contagious smile and his big blue eyes only get more striking with time. He is a good friend and he loves to help me with any thing I am doing. He loves when his dad chases him and ruff houses. The laughter can not be contained. I can not imaginge our lives without our Bents, Benners, Bentley boy! I love you buddy(:
We celebrated his big day by inviting some family and friends to the park! I let him pick at the store which party theme he wanted and he chose Cars. Cars are definitely his favorite toy. We had a cars cake, cars pinata, cars fruit snacks ect. It was so fun to see all the kids swinging at the pinata! When we sang happy birthday to Bentley his face was priceless..... he tried so hard to stay serious and shy but by the end his huge smile shined through. He loved it and got spoiled by everyone!