Thursday, August 13, 2015

The start of summer June 2015

June finally felt like the official start of summer. We kicked it off with a fun basketball camp for Bentley, swim lessons for the kids, and swim team for Bentley. Bentley quickly gained a love for basketball and wants to join a team this year with his friends Brock and Mckay. Swim team was great and it helped Bentley improve his swimming skills and also his speed. It is so fun cheering him on at the swim meets and he did really well for his first time doing it! Bailey and Wyatt also became better swimmers this month and I am happy to say that we have three swimmers with Sophia the only one needing a floaty. This is a huge relief to not feel like someone is going to fall in a drown every 30 seconds! Sophia is a little fish and absolutely loves the water. She likes her pink floaty I bought her but she also likes just swimming around with me and kicking and splashing her hands and feet. I was able to go see the Phantom of the Opera with my mom and Heidi. That was really fun and a nice night away! We had really high seats that made us feel dizzy but once the show started it actually wasn't too bad of a view and the show was amazing! The singers were spot on and we really enjoyed it! We also celebrated cousin J's birthday at the beginning of June and we had pizza and cake and ice cream with a swim party. Next we had a big birthday bash for my grandma Curtis' 80th. It was fun getting together with all the family and hearing about her memories and stories from her life! We had decadent cupcakes, and cake. There was also a fun and yummy candy table set up for us to take home. My Aunts did a great job planning it! Last but not least we celebrated my sweet and selfless mother. We enjoyed yummy fish taco's Grandpa made with fresh Halibut from Alaska! I bought a big chocolate costco cake with the chocolate shavings for my mom. Another fun activity was attending the annual Walker Orthodontics swim party with some of my family. It is always so much fun and they do a great job pampering us and feeding us! Benltey one some snorkel gear for doing a cannon ball off of the diving board. They had all sorts of fun prizes and delicious food! Jon and Bentley did great on the Flo Rider (simulated surfing/boogie boarding machine.) June was a great start to summer!

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