Thursday, August 13, 2015

Newport Beach 2015

This year was a great year at the beach! I was worried with how big our extended family had gotten and how many little kids would be there. Sophia was awesome and all the kids got along well! My kids think the beach and spending time with their cousins is magical! They are so sad when we tell them it's our last day. We had a wonderful week boogie boarding, playing in the sand, eating good food, and visiting! The kids enjoyed their freedom to run around a play all day with their cousins! Bentley had fun learning how to Boogie board and did great! Bailey had fun running in and out of the waves with her cousin Julz. Wyatt also had fun with Trey and the younger cousins building sand castles, swimming in the ocean, and catching sea creatures. Jon and I took turns holding Sophia or watching her while she also enjoyed the beach. She loved the ocean breeze and even napped down there which was nice. We are grateful for the time we get to spend with our family. It is tough getting that many people together but it is so worth in hassle for that glorious week!

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