Thursday, August 20, 2015

July 2015

Our July was packed full and we were always coming and going. It is tough as the mom because when we go on trips the majority of the packing and then unpacking and cleaning falls on me. I feel like it takes me a whole week to get back on track and then it's time to pack again. Even though the work to go on trips is exhausting, I wouldn't trade the memories we make on our trips as a family! Once we got home from Canada Bentley still had swim team for a few weeks. He really enjoyed that and competing in his last few swim meets. He did great! We enjoyed going to his swim team party at Stapley pool. The kids love jumping of the diving boards and even Wyatt joined in! It seems like this was the month Wyatt really caught on to swimming and he hasn't worn his floaties once since then! Yay for swimmers! It is always a relief when they learn to swim and I don't have to worry so much about who is where! Sophia loved the water and had so much fun in her little floating device kicking around while the other kids played. She like to blow bubbles and splash! One evening my friend Kelsey was in town and she offered to take the kids horse riding. It was late so I only took Bentley and Bailey. They sure had a blast and Kelsey was so kind to do that for them! I had fun visiting with my friend Kelsey and also Carli who brought her sweet family to ride the horses as well! The kids and I joined my cousin Mckenna and her husband for Family Home Evening at the Arizona temple. It was nice to listen to the sweet messages offered in the visitors center on Christ and I loved showing the kids around the temple. Jon and i were able to finally have some time alone and go on a date mid month. We chose to go to Liberty Market and eat and then we went to a delicious yogurt shop after. It was quick but fun to have that time together. Unfortunately Sophia won't take bottles so we can never venture too far for too long. This month marked the one year anniversary of my grandpa West death so we went to the cemetery to visit his and my grandma's grave site and to pay our respects. I love opportunities like this to explain life and death to our children and I enjoy their curious questions. I assured them that I know grandpa and grandma are up in heaven together doing missionary work on the other side for our heavenly father! We sure miss grandpa and his encouragement to always be our best! Later in the month we went to my moms family reunion on the Huber side.( more on that in another post) and up to Chad and Jessica's. We attended our ward pool party at Stapley. It was nice to visit with ward members and neighbors and enjoy a relaxing cool evening together! Sophia is on the go! she grew up tons this month and it makes my momma heart a little sad. She no longer wants to sit and cuddle with me all day. She is on the go and will crawl, and walk along the furniture to get her little body anywhere she wants to go! She climbs stairs, and loves to follow her family around the house and join in the big kids play! She has been teething and that makes her more irritable but she is still such a sweet natured girl and brightens our day everyday! I always sing " you are my sunshine to her" because she is just that! She likes to dance and be tickled. When I sing to her she starts shaking her had back and forth. That is her way of dancing. The other kids are just soaking up the last few weeks of summer and enjoying playing with cousins, and friends!

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