Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Logans pass and the trip home from Canada

On our way back home to Arizona Jon wanted to take us through some places he has fond memories of going to as a child. Once we crossed the border into the U.S., we headed for Logan's Pass! It is a gorgeous scenic drive through beautiful Glacier National Park. We saw majestic mountains covered with Glaceiers and snow at the top and beautiful deep green trees and bushes at the bottom. We saw beautiful lakes and crystal blue rivers, fisherman, and gorgeous waterfalls! It really was so beautiful and we are glad we went even though it took us longer! Another thing was that being from Arizona we went from hot weather, to warm weather, to freezing cold weather on our drive home. We definitely weren't prepared for this and so we only got out to take a few pictures of our drive through this gorgeous National Park. It was only like 40 degrees!!! It was kind of scary at parts too because we were so high that we were driving through the clouds and couldn't see in front of us on the small winding road! Once out of Logans pass we entered a part of Montana with tons of large beautiful lakes! They were lined with trees and small cherry orchards. We stopped and grabbed some lunch then found a quiet spot in the forest to eat. Sophia did amazingly well on the way up and so far she was doing great again. She did get more fussy being in her car seat because while we were in Canada she became more active and started crawling. We think we took the trip at the perfect timing because now that we are home she is almost walking and wouldn't have wanted to sit still like that for 24 hour car drives! Anyways, we made it only about 7 hours that day and stopped to stay in a hotel. They kids love hotels and that we can all sleep in the same room and they can go swimming in the pool and hot tubs. I was grateful we had somewhere to rest and didn't have to pull another all nighter. The next day we got up early and hit the road. The weather wasn't great and we had rain most of our drive. It took a turn for the worst once we got out of Utah and into Nevada! The winds picked up and it was not fun driving because I felt like we were going to blow of the road. The kids and Jon and I for that matter were done and started to get bad attitudes. We only had 4 hours left though and weren't going to stop. We did take a brief break to gas up and get some dinner which made everyone except Sophia a little happier. Jon drove the rest of the way home and we pulled in late Monday night safe and sound. Cooper was so happy to see us and it was good to be home! We had rough spots along the way for sure but overall we made great memories as a family and had a blast seeing family and friends!

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