Thursday, August 20, 2015


Our last trip in July was up to visit Chad and Jessica's family. We were celebrating Chads birthday and Belles Baptism. The night we got their was Chad's birthday so my mom got a cake and we sang happy birthday! It was already late and we all helped pick up and get ready for the other guests arriving the next day! My kids love playing with Chad and Jessica's kids and so they all played and then slept down stairs in the basement. The next day we enjoyed the beautiful weather and went on a walk with the kids and just hung out and visited. My sister Heidi had her friend Bennet up and my brother Tyler had his girlfriend Amelia up there as well. It was nice to get to know them and they were so good at entertaining the kids! Many family from both sides were coming that night to enjoy dinner and the baptism the next day. It was a full house! We had fun visiting and enjoying one another's company. My brother Chad had been growing out his hair since Christmas and that night decided it was finally a good time to cut it so he would look sharp for the baptism the next day. My SIL Kelsey did a great job and made him look great! I took one last pic of him with the long hair. Saturday we all got ready for the Baptism. I would be leading the music. Annabelle looked beautiful and we got her a little journal to remember her special day by. It was a lovely meeting and the spirit was felt. My mom gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and I kept tearing up the whole meeting thinking about my own children being baptized one day by their dad. After that we all gathered once again at Chad and Jessica's for a delicious lunch in. They spoiled us with good food, and desserts and the decorations were fabulous! We stayed one more day and went to church. Reluctantly we headed home to the hotter weather and last week of summer!

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