Friday, August 14, 2015

Road trip up to Canada

Usually every year when it comes time to leave the beach house we are all sad because of the fun time we had. This year we had something else to look forward to so it wasn't so bad. We traveled up to Canada to visit the other half of our family! This would be the first visit in over five years! We planned to travel through California-Nevada-Utah-Idaho-and up through Montana to reach our destination. The plan was to drive to Salt Lake from Newport and get a Hotel then wake up and drive the rest of the way to Canada. That was the plan! Well we didn't get a hotel ahead of time because we were unsure how long the kids would last through the drive and didn't want anything set in stone. Big mistake!! We couldn't find a decent hotel to stay in all throughout the states of Utah, Idaho, and Montana. With each city we got the news that all the rooms were booked. We got our hopes up in Idaho when we were told a room was available only to get there and have the air conditioning broken. The room felt like it was over 100 degrees in there. So we tiredly moved on. We were told another room was available only to drive to the next town and be told it was in fact booked. After that we decided to pull over and rest because it was like 2 in the morning. everyone got decent sleep except me because Sophia woke up crying and needed to be helped. Jon was exhausted but did most the driving. I was worried but he said he would rather just get there and then sleep. sure enough we arrived a whole day early to the sun rising over the mountains in Montana. It gave us a little pep to keep going and make it up into Canada. Although it was rough to say the least. the kids did great because they slept most of the way and were excited when they woke up and we told them we were almost there! We also made a fun stop in Spanish Fork to eat at Two Jacks our favorite pizza place and visit our home we left over six years ago. The kids played at a park and that made things bare able for the drive up. Sophia did amazingly well and i was proud of us all for not having a melt down with all that went wrong. I just kept telling myself that we were blessed that worse things didn't happen and our car was functioning properly! Although I didn't have that attitude at the beginning of our trip when 45 minutes in Wyatt through up all over him and his carseat and then Sophia pooped all over in her car seat! Lets just say I spent the first part of our trip cleaning the car and car seats thoroughly!

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