Thursday, August 20, 2015

Huber reunion in Heber, AZ

I don't know what I was thinking but I just knew I really wanted to go with my kids to the family reunion so I went... by myself! Jon had work and couldn't attend so my sweet mom promised she would help give me an extra hand. I grew up going to these reunions with my extended family and I have so many fun and cherished memories made while doing so. So I packed me and all the kids up and we drove a little over two hours to Heber Az. where the Hubers extended family have a cabin and lots of land. We had a nice drive and ever since our long drive to Canada any drive seems simple and short to me and the kids luckily. We were hungry so I got made a quick pitstop at the dairy queen in town. The kids and I got a quick treat and meal and then headed on to the cabin. We staked our our camping spot. The cabin is always reserved for the older family members so the rest of us camp all around the land in different spots. There was about 100 people there and it was going to be fun! My parents, Tyler, Heidi, Collin, and my brother Kyle and his family arrived shortly after us. Together we all set up camp while the kids played! There is a huge wash that they have no problem playing in and getting dirty from head to toe. Wyatt loved riding his strider bike up and down the dirt hills with his cousin Trey! That night we had Taco salad and enjoyed a nice program by John and Connie Huber's family. They are all very musical, talented people. The theme for the weekend was Swiss alps. They took the kids to search for the white abominable snow man (yeti) and one of her sons was dressed up in a white scary gorilla looking suit. They had a blast doing this. There were activities like braiding for the girls, and slime making, and hat making for the boys. The next day Chad and Jessica dropped of their kids to the reunion so my kids all paired up with them and they joined in all the fun games that were going on that day! They had contests like throwing cheese balls and your partners head that was covered in shaving cream. They had a candy cannon that was shot off a bunch and they fished for candy fish in a little pool with their toes! The had a fun slip and slide and that night we had shredded pork sandwiches and watermelon. It was quite the busy day! I was exhausted because Sophia had to be carried around and she didn't sleep well the night before. I knew how much fun the kids were having so I hung on for them! They also made a zip line, and slack line walk for the kids that they all had so much fun doing. I am telling you these people are talented at just about everything! They built, made, performed, and entertained us all weekend. They even printed of a coloring book about one of our ancestors John Jacob from Switzerland. My brother Chad joined us Friday night and my dad made dutch oven cinnamon rolls and pizza that were delicious. It was so kind of John and Connie and their family members to put all that hard work in and we so appreciate all their efforts made! Saturday it was time to wake up do our capers (chores) and head home. The kids were sad to leave but I was ready to get there dirt covered bodies home and get everything cleaned up! My parents were so kind to help me the whole time and my dad and brothers helped me to set up and take down our tent which was so nice!

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