Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our family Pictures Nov. 2012

We have been married for eight years and this is the first time Jon and I have had our own Little family professionally photographed. We have gone with extended family before but never just us five! I was determined this year to get it done, so I asked around and decided on my high school friend Brittney Gurr. She had taken several of our friends family pictures and I liked her work. After calling to schedule, I spent the next 3 agonizing weeks trying to find outfits for everyone. The boys were pretty simple but finding shoes, accessories, and clothes for Bailey and I was a headache. When you need something you can't find it and then when you don't need it, it seems to be everywhere is what I found out! Anyways, the day came and I had my good friend Courtney Rogers, who is a professional makeup artist, do my makeup and nails. She did an amazing job and is available for any occasion! After that I came home and curled my hair. My mom came over to help Jon and I get the kids ready. Im telling you, getting family pictures done is like a whole production. Trying to keep everyone fed, dressed, hair done,happy, is hard! We had them taken a beautiful park in Gilbert. Of course Bailey wouldn't hold still and was running around everywhere. She refused to keep her bow in and kept taking off her shoes. The grass was wet, Wyatt was crying, and Bentley quickly lost interest. Jon was sweating, and my shoes kept sticking in the grass. My hair went flat, and well you get the idea.... Family pictures are hard! BUT I would do them again in a heart beat because Brittney was able to capture these memories for us and I am so grateful! We also sent out Christmas cards which was a first! It might be awhile before this happens again, but like I said, it was definitely worth the madness to get these adorable shots of my family! Mommy and sweet Wyatt
Handsome Bentley
Our Christmas card picture of our family!
Mommy and princess Bailey
Mommy and her boys!
Handsome Wyatt
Our little family
Our three little angels:)
Daddy and his princess
Love when these two dance together:)
Big hugs
Bailey trying to get Bentley to come play with her.
Bailey having fun swinging
Daddy and Wyatt
Bentley wanted a turn in the middle to swing
Love this one
Wyatt at 7 months
Bentley at 3.5 years
Such a cutie pie!
Chasing eachother
Bailey at almost 2 years old

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