Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Day 2012!

I woke up early christmas morning like I always do! It didn't take too long though for everyone else to follow suit. Jon and I got Wyatt up and changed. Then we went to wake Bentley and Bailey! When we told them Santa had come they were so excited. First we showed them the note Santa left thanking them for the Cookies and reindeer food! Then while the cinnamon rolls were cooking we took them in to open their stockings. It is so fun watching the surprised, magical looks on kids faces, when they see Christmas morning! I was even surprised and curious about what was a huge object under a bunch of blankets. Jon told me I had to wait until the end to look. After opening stockings we took a break to feed the kids so they wouldn't get cranky. I didn't want them eating a bunch of candy but now that I think of it a cinnamon roll isn't much better is it:) Next we had the kids open gifts one by one. They loved each one and even Wyatt got in on the fun. They all were for the most part very polite and waited their turn. They also got excited for each other's turn. Santa brought Bentley the blue scooter he wanted, and Bailey also got a pink one. Of course she wanted Bentley's since it only had two wheels and lighted up so I had to end up returning hers for the same as Bentleys! That girl reminds me of me and wants to grow up way too fast! Wyatt got some fun toys he has enjoyed as well as his own book. After the kids opened their presents Jon and I gave gifts to each other. Jon always seems to out do me in the gift giving department but he does it in a way to make me think I am not going to be getting anything... only to be surprised by a very thoughtful gift. I got Jon some things he needed and a few things he wanted. He got me a piano! I have always wanted a piano and felt that it would bring a special spirit to our home. I also wanted to brush up on my skills so that I could teach our children to play. The Piano is a gift that will keep on giving and I am so lucky Jon felt that importance too, and found me my beloved piano! I am so grateful to be able to have Christmas with my little family. Although we open gifts and participate in the commercial side, we are always aware that we are celebrating this special day to honor the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. What humble beginnings and what an example of a life he led. We are so thankful for his sacrifice and for preparing a way for us to return to our father in heaven.
Bentley and Bailey with their scooters!
Jon in his new soft robe:)
Bailey loves this old rocking horse:)
My beautiful Piano! I have loved playing it and was so shocked to find it hiding under all those boxes and blankets:)
Golf Goodies
When we were done with things at our house, we headed over to my parents for a yummy brunch, to open gifts from them, and to see Chad and Jessica some more before they had to leave and go back up to Pinetop. We all got spoiled and loved our gifts. Thanks mom and dad! The kids were having a hay day with all the new toys! Wyatt trying to play the piano at my moms house. He loves to hear himself play:)
My mom with Bailey saying merry Christmas!
My dad and Jon
Wyatt was the first to open his gift!
Uncle Collin Showing him what he got!
Next was Bailey's turn!
She loves her baby alive doll that she got!
Bailey already trying on Bentley's things.
Bentley loves his new helmet to ride his scooter and bike with:)
Jon got some nice new shoes and some camping gear!
I got some new running shoes and a really thoughtful gift from my mom... A genealogy chart with five generations of ancestors to hang in my house. I love it!
Our next stop was my Grandma and Grandpa Curtis' house so we went home and got ready so that we could be over there by 1. My Grandma is amazing and hosted over 80 of us this Christmas and that wasn't even everyone! I love seeing my extended family and catching up with cousins, aunts, and uncles! Our family has grown a ton! Kevin and his girlfriend Bailey holding Trey!
Bailey with my cousin Grace and my cousin Trent's kids Hensley and Haven!
Bailey loves walking my Grandpa's big dog Rusty! It keeps her entertained for hours.
My cousin Dallan with Rusty
Kyle and Kelsey with their baby boy Trey
My cousin Brooke and I:)
Everyone getting anxious for the delicious food!
Grandpa Curtis and Merrill
Bailey posing in front of the group for pictures
Group photo
Group photo with me:)
Group photo with uncle Justin
Cute couple Kevin and Bailey in front of the orange trees
My cousin Mckenna with Wyatt
Bailey kept posing so I kept snapping pictures. It is rare to get them to cooperate!
boy cousins... missing a few!
Beautiful Heyman girls
My gorgeous mother and I on Christmas day!
After visiting and eating at my grandparents we went to my parents house to finish off our Christmas with family around the fire pit visiting some more! This is Bailey playing with her cousins new boxing gear. It was funny to watch all the kids wrestle and box:)

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