Sunday, December 30, 2012


       Bailey and I share our birthday month! My birthday is on the 11th and hers is the 15th. We had fun celebrating and getting spoiled! For my birthday my mom came and watch our kids while my best friend Jade and I went to the temple. I love being in the temple and I don't get there often enough so I was glad we went. Later that day Jon took me to see Sky fall at the Ipic theater and we ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants Vitto's! My parents also gave me some nice gifts and my mom even made me  two birthday cakes... One for our family dinner on sunday and one on my actual birthday.. she is thee best! Later that week my good friends took me to dinner and then we went shopping. I had so much fun and am so lucky to have the sweetest friends and family a girl could ask for!
       On Bailey's birthday we took her to go play and eat lunch at chick fil a, one of her favorite places to eat. Then we went to Bass Pro to let the kids look at the fish and ride the carousel. After that we went home and she opened some fun presents. Later that night all the family gathered at Venezia's and we all enjoyed pizza, salad, and wings to celebrate are little girl turning 2. Lastly, we went to our house for some cake and more visiting:) Bailey is our sweet little princess. She keeps us on our toes but we are starting to realize that she isn't trying to be naughty, she just literally wants to grow up over night and do everything herself! She is 2 going on 20 haha! When I let her help me throughout the day things go much more smoothly. Otherwise she gets into things and creates huge messes to try and get my attention. She is so quick to learn new things and is a ball of energy. We even find her in new spots in her room when we go to get her in the morning because she is all over even in her sleep. She makes us laugh and has a love of dancing and music. She actually is already pretty good at dancing to the beat. She has beautiful blue eyes, a bright smile, long light brown hair, and big red full lips. She loves to tease her brothers and play with them. Sometimes I have to remind her to be gentle:) She is quite the acrobat and can climb almost anythings, swing from anything, and land on her feet. She can already ride a razor scooter, ride a bike with training wheels, and slide down the biggest slides at the park. She loves to explore and see new things. She loves to help me clean and play pretend with her dollies. We love her so much and are thankful our Heavenly Father sent her to us.
My Birthday festivities in picture!

Bailey's birthday festivities in picture!

 Opening Presents

 Wyatt hanging out with cousin Trey!

 Giving Grandpa Curtis a hug!

 Blowing out the candles