Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year 2013

This New years Eve we had a blast celebrating with friends, making homemade brick oven pizza's, eating yummy desserts, and visiting! We headed over to my friend Morgan and Stuart Peterson's parents house for the celebration! They had so many goodies out and I have never tasted a pizza so good, including restaurants! Jon and I now want a brick oven so that we can re-create those pizza's:) The kids had a blast playing in the toy room and playing ping pong outside. It was fun to hang out with friends and see people that I hadn't seen in awhile! After the party Jon and I took our kids home around 9:30 and put them to bed. We were bummed not to be able to stay all the way until midnight but thats just what you gotta do when you have kids and didn't get a babysitter. Jon and I watched a movie and celebrated the official new year with sparkling cider and a kiss:) An overview of last year Jan: pain due to being 7mos. pregnant and having severe back pain. Jon tieing up his old business and starting his new one here in Arizona! Feb: Bentley turned 3 with a lighting mcqueen party, we celebrated our seventh anniversary. March: Our precious Wyatt was born! April: Jon turned the big 30 and kicked off another summer of selling pest control. May: I got back surgery and spent the next month and a half recovering. I owe thanks to many people who helped our family out during that difficult time June: we headed to the beach for the Curtis family trip. July: We celebrated the fourth with a family bbq and then we visited Chad and Jessica. August: Bentley started preschool and soccer. September: we moved to a bigger home but stayed in the same area of Mesa. October: Our first Halloween having three kids to dress up was a blast! Sadly most of this month was spent settling into a new home and being really sick:( Nov: We got family pictures for the first time ever and it was quite the production:) We also got to spend time with Jon's parents who came for a visit and with extended family on Thanksgiving! Dec. Wyatt is now really mobile just in time to get after all the Christmas Decorations we put up. Bailey decided she wanted to be potty trained. We spent time with family and appreciating all we have! We are excited to see what this year brings and hope for health, happiness, and peace for all! Here are some pics of what our new year has consisted of so far! Bailey loves to play games on the ipad and gets so excited when we let her.
Making Christmas returns as a family. sidenote: it is so hard to find the right size of pants that fit Bentley!
Pretty Bailey girl!
New Years Eve! Stuart was the pizza oven expert:)
Jon watching and learning how to make the perfect pizza!
Enjoying our delicious pizza's
My friends Shalayne and Clayton with little Peighton(Lexi and Jared's daughter)
Bailey, Bentley, and Parker were having a great time!
Bentley playing Parker in ping pong:)
All the kids watching movies and playing in the toy room.
My best friend Jade warming up by the fire:)
Wyatt and Brady had a blast crawling all around and exploring
Jon and I when the ball was about to drop in New York
Enjoying our sparkling cider and kid free time together!
New Years Day we took the kids to the park with my mom, and Collin.
Princess Bailey on the swings
Love this head strong girl:)
What is the new year without fireworks. The kids didn't know what to think. They were mostly happy but at times ran away in fright.
Bailey wanted to be held by daddy.
Wyatt was enjoying the sparklers!
wyatt loves playing on moms new piano
I actually love that he crawls to me when I am playing and wants to join in. One day I will teach him:)
Bailey and Bentley enjoying the nice weather and riding their new scooters.
Even Wyatt joined in the fun and played in the wagon.
Jon made me a delicious breakfast on his new griddle. I love big breakfasts:)
First pig tails
First birthday party of the year. Cousin Kyle Ray turned 5 and had us to his Beethoven party!
Bailey waiting in line to get the candy from the pinata
Bailey taking a turn swinging at the pinata
Bentley taking a turn swinging at the pinata
*Bentley's first sunday in Primary as a Sunbeam at church!!!
Here is his cute primary sunbeams class
Bentley made this hat on his first day of school in 2013. He loves school!
Being silly:)
These two can be such great friends when they want to be!
The three kiddos in the bath fighting over the water spout:)
Bailey's first braid!
Bentley loves loves loves playing catch with his new football
The kids playing legos together. I love when I catch moments like these!


Melanie said...

A Beethoven birthday party? Who is that cool kid!?!

buckaroo bradshaw's said...

Christi! Your family is very beautiful! It was so fun to read your update. I'm so happy you are all doing well! Keep up the great work with your family! I hope to be able to see you some time soon! -Kelsee Bradshaw

Nohemi said...

What an amazing New Year’s party you had! Spending it with people you love the most is definitely something we'll treasure for the rest of our life. I can't blame you for loving the pizza, by the way. My dad is a huge fan of brick ovens and he bought one without my mom's knowledge last year. My mom got mad, but it didn't last long when my dad gave her a piece of pizza he baked using his new brick oven. It's really one piece of heaven in my mouth then. Have a nice year!

__Nohemi Tutterrow__