Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gift exchange and Christmas Eve 2012

The Sunday before Christmas my mom made a delicious dinner for us all and we had our annual family gift exchange. This year we did it white elephant style. It was fun but we were all pretty boring and didn't trade much so it was over much quicker than I thought. The kids drew names and exchanged gifts that way! Everyone got spoiled and received really nice gifts. We have so much fun getting together with family and the kids just love playing with their cousins. The next day was Christmas Eve! We went over to my Aunt Corina's house and enjoyed pizza, wings, salads, and delicious deserts. Corina is a fabulous baker and her desserts never disappoint. It was so fun to be with family yet again! It doesn't happen very often that we can all get baby sitters and meet for dinner, but it did the weekend before Christmas! We all met at Charlestons and then played games afterword.
This was our attempt to take a family picture after church in the kids Christmas outfits but it didn't go so well:(
Attempt number 2 was a little better if it weren't for the sun in our faces!
Jon helping my mom with dinner. I am so glad I have a husband who is willing to help out in the kitchen!
Another shot of our little family.
My handsome Wyatt boy enjoying watching the kids play outside in the walker.
Collin, Bentley, Colby, Bailey, and Rex
Cute couple Kevin and Bailey
Cowboy Bentley! I love when he dresses up!
The kids table!
Good ole Grandpa West still rocking the bolo tie!
cute couple Chad and Jessica
Michael giving Amber a smooch:)
Wyatt enjoying the wrapping paper
Me trying to show wyatt what he got.
Bailey getting help from all her cousins to open her gift:)
Bentley excited to see what he got!
Cousin Annabelle opening her present
Jon and I enjoying the fun!
Michael is literally a baby whisperer. We need to give him the official title! He not only calms Wyatt, but also puts him right to sleep!
The girls visiting
I round brushed Bailey's hair on Christmas Eve and I thought she looked so grown up! I am actually surprised she let me do it and I think she looks darling.
Bailey Jumping on the trampoline and trying to bounce Wyatt!
Bentley also out playing and enjoying the nice weather!
These kids love their Aunt Heidi
My dads sister Becky holding Wyatt on Christmas Eve at Corina's house
Bentley patiently waiting to play a game on someones I phone. Kid is obsessed with playing on our phones and so is every other kid I know!

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