Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snow Trip and a visit to Chad and Jess!

We are so lucky that my brother lives up in Pinetop and that they are always so thoughtful to have us up to visit. This trip was going to be different because 1. there was tons of snow to play in! and 2. All of my siblings were going to be there together! Even though we knew it wouldn't be easy to cram us all in one place we couldn't say no to spending more time with family! The kids had a blast with their cousins and loved the snow! As soon as I got their snow clothes on, both Bentley and Bailey ran outside and jumped in a big pile of snow. Bailey loved the snow tubing and wanted to go again and again. Bentley preferred making snow men and snow angels with his cousin J. Jon went up to the snow hill to go skiing and also had a great time even though he hit a tree or two:) Wyatt did pretty well too and had fun hanging out in the sleds and eating the snow! We are so grateful for all the fun memories we made! Thank you Chad and Jess for always being such gracious hosts and thank you everyone for the fun time! I thought it was so cute that Bailey wanted to hold Bentley's hand as he slept on our drive up to Pinetop
Nothing is more fun then a cousins sleepover!
Michael and Amber's boys getting ready to turn in for the night
Chad and Jessica's three saying goodnight to their cousins
The adults after putting the kids down for the night! Relaxing, visiting, and having a fun time!
I love kids all bundled up. They were so excited to go play in the snow!
Kevin's girlfriend Bailey was so kind to help me with the kids while Jon was at the snow hill. She also got the cutest shots of them playing in the snow with her real camera... I just used my phone:(
Bentley throwing snowballs with his cousins
On our way to go snow tubing and sledding
My little explorer. She would have kept going if I let her!
The snow was up to her knees
Helping Bentley build a snow man.
She finally came back
Bentley with the start of our snow man
Making snow angels. He thought this was so cool!
Bentley and J making snow angels
Wyatt hanging out with Bailey on the tubes
My little crazy Bailey girl couldn't get enough of the snow tubing
Heidi in her new snuggie with Collin
Jon stuck in the snow on the slopes. He kept going off the path in the back country and got stuck..but enjoyed himself nonetheless!
Jon enjoying a nice day of skiing
The beautiful sunset as we headed home back to Mesa:)

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