Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The rest of our January..photo dump

Our month of January flew by! Between sickness being passed around and hanging out with friends and family we were busy. Wyatt got a really bad cold and cough so he had to go to the doctors and we came home with a nebulizer to help open his airways. This did the trick because the next few days he got better luckily. The other kids also got sick and I was getting so tired of seeing them suffer. I was also getting tired of losing sleep and buying so much medicine to get everyone well again. It really makes you appreciate your health when you or your child become ill! Overall we are so blessed and everyone is doing well. The second week in January we went with Grandma Curtis and Chads family to the Phoenix Childrens Museum. It was such a neat place and the kids had a blast! We all went home worn out! Later in the month all the boys in my family took the kids to see the Monster Jam event in Phoenix. Jon and Bentley couldn't stop talking about how cool it was. We plan on going as a family next year but will be bringing ear phones to block out all the noise:) Every year since living in Arizona, Jon and I have gone to an Oiler vs. Coyotes Hockey game. We went this month and Jon was like a kid in a candy store. The Oilers won and it was a fun date night. Bentley has fun going to school and playing with his friends as usual. He wears his school t shirt on Fridays now and for school spirit days. He has had fun learning new things and loves Tuesdays because he gets to do show and tell. Bailey is learning so much and loves to color and practice being a little mommy. She thinks she is in charge of Wyatt and that causes alot of crying but we are learning:) Wyatt is so active and likes to play right along side his big brother and sister:)I made my first ever apple/cherry pie and it was delish. Jons parents came for an overnight quick visit at the end of the month. It was fun getting to relax and visit with them. hor="1" >

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