Monday, December 21, 2009

Annual Gift Exchange

Every Year we get together with my immediate family and all the kids do a gift exchange. We each draw one persons name to get a gift for. I love this tradition and always have so much fun seeing what everyone gets each other. I wish I could get everyone a gift but with a family as large as mine we thought this works out better. My brother Kyle had my name and picked me out a cute headband, adorable hat, and lotion with body spray. I love it. Jon got an awesome football from my brother Tyler and Bentley got a new book and stuffed animal. We sang songs, my dad read from Luke 2, we ate a delicious dinner, and had a delectable dessert. My sister in law Amber even brought yummy Hot chocolate stuff to complete the night. Since Jon and I are leaving to Canada on Wednesday we decided to give my parents their gifts as well. We went in on a wagon for my mom and I sewed therapeutic Hot/Cold packs for my Dad since he has a bad neck and back. Both gifts were a success and everyone had so much fun. Bentley loves tearing the paper off gifts but as expected he doesn't usually get to excited about the gift inside. I can't wait until next year.... because Bentley will be more aware of the holiday traditions. Thanks mom and dad for everything. We love you both.

Uncle Kyle and Aunt Kelsey with Bentley. They are so great with him and always make him laugh.

My mom with all her grandkids and Collin. Me , Michael, and Chad's families got her this wagon she has been asking for forever. She is the best.

My sister Heidi and I. I had her name and got her some makeup. she loved it.

My sweet, messy, little boy!

Their first Christmas together as a married couple!

Brody had Bentley's name. He gave a cute book that came with a moose. Bentley loves reading books so I know he will love it.

Bentley and Uncle Kyle

Heidi with her violin. She is so good at the violin and piano.

Annabelle loved this racoon hat. It looks so cute/funny on her.

Brody and Aunt Heidi in front of the tree.

We decorated sugar cookies and personalized each one for the family members. They are delicious

The girls in the kitchen getting dinner ready. We had a yummy ham, with salad, cheesy potatoes, corn, and homemade rolls.

Bentley playing away. It looks like someone forgot to wipe his mouth off after dinner. oh well... he'll survive.

Rex playing with Bentley

The real christmas tree at my parents home. I love all the decorations. Some of them are from way back when the older kids were in kindergarden.

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Julz said...

It looks like you guys had fun! Hope you made it through the flight OK! Merry Christmas!