Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I know I am thankful everyday for health, family, friends, religion, food, my job, education, clothing, and a roof over my head. Those are just to name a few because we all know I could go on and on. I love this Thanksgiving holiday because it is so fun to get together with family and celebrate each other and everything we have to be thankful for. The question is "what don't we have to be thankful for"? I feel very fortunate and hope that I can give back to others what I have been so blessed to have all of my life.
Bentley is so fun to dress for church now. He looks so cute and I can't believe my little guy is already nine months, going on ten. He surprises Jon and I everyday with new things he's learned or new personality traits. He had become quite opinionated and will let us know when he is not happy. For the most part though he is a happy go lucky baby that loves to crawl around slapping his hands on the floor or exploring. He also loves to play tug of war with the dogs, go on walks, and run errands with mom or dad. He has an adorable smile and laugh that can light up any room and we are so greatful for him.

Our handsome Bentley boy getting ready to go to church. I love his little blue tie on him.

Mommy and Bentley on Thanksgiving Day! We both just woke up from naps and it looks like Bentley gets his sleepy puffy eyes from me.

Daddy and Bentley on Thanksgiving day! I love these two boys.


Tim and Jennifer said...

You look soooo skinny! Here I am pregnant, getting fat again while everyone looks amazing. Cute blue eyes you two!

Cheryl said...

I took a look at that blog you sent me, and the only problem is it is knitting. I am only a beginner at knitting so I'm not sure I could pull that one off. I could crochet a full beanie with a flower on it. Not quite the same but it would serve the purpose, if you looked on the one link it shows it on a girls head and they are quite large. I could maybe knit a straight headband, that wouldn't be too hard. Lemme know what you think and we can play around with it when you get up here.