Saturday, December 12, 2009

Twenty-five years

Yesterday was my birthday. My sweet Mom, Dad, and Grandpa took me out to breakfast to kick the festivities off. (Can you tell I like my birthday. I am definitely one who doesn't shy away from it.) After that I came home and took a nap since I had been up early with Bentley I was pretty tired. After that Jon had the rest of the day planned and I was surprised at every stop. He dropped me off to get a relaxing massage which I badly needed. Next we went to get a Dairy queen blizzard. The final surprise he blindfolded me . I had no idea what he had planned. After driving around for about fifteen minutes we stopped Jon put earphones in my ears and we started walking. Next thing I know my family and friends are yelling Happy Birthday! I was completely surprised. Everyone played along all week and I thought everyone was busy that night but it turns out they were all lieing(: I loved the special day that was planned and it will always be remembered. I want to thank my husband for being so sweet and planning such an event and My mom for hosting it. I also want to thank everyone that helped out. I got spoiled will awesome gifts and I had the best birthday ever. Thanks to all who left emails, or those who called as well, you all made it a wonderful day. Enjoy the overload of pictures(:

Almost all the cousins minus Belle, Brody, and J.

My nephew Rex thought he was doing awesome at the Wii Mariokart. He just had the steering wheel but no controls.

Bentley and Jaders.

my nephew Tate saying cheeeeese.

Bentley just playing away. mmmmm this dinosaur is delicious.

There was yummy confetti cake!

There were Presents

There was Barros Pizza. My favorite!

There were games(:

And of course the decorations were awesome as well.

Me and my sister in laws kelsey and amber!

Me and my mom. She is the best and such a sweet angel.

Me and my hubby. He is also the best and so thoughtful.

My best friend Jaders and I. We will be celebrating together forever. knitting when we are in our sixties right jade(:

Bentley wanted to help open gifts.

Bentley wanted to help.

Me getting ready to blow out the candles!

Opening up presents from my mom and Dad. They are so good to me(:

Breakfast at Cracker with my Grandpa West, Mom and Dad! Delicious. Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal.

Bentley and I my birthday morning


Ry and Britt Devine said...

YAY for your birthday. Way to go Jon for pulling of a surprise party.

Nielsens said...

What a great birthday!!! And those shoes are so cute, were those the ones I saw you trying on at the rack?? haha