Monday, December 21, 2009

West Family Christmas Party!

On Saturday we went over to my Grandpa Wests house for a Christmas breakfast get together. There were tons of little kids, lots of conversation, yummy food, and of course santa claus! This Santa is so good with all of the kids. He does tricks for them, sings with them, and brings them treats. After that we had a talent show. My sister Heidi and I played the first Noel together with her on the violin and me on the piano. I have very talented cousins... some of them sang, played the piano, and danced. We had a great time and enjoyed catching up with everyone.

Jon holding our snoozing angel.

Bentley wasn't sure what to think of Santa

He had just woke up so he looks a little out of it.

Our family portrait with Santa

It's official... Rex does not like Santa... but he loved the candy cane(:

Brody told Santa he wanted a Motorcycle

Collin was thinking really hard about what to ask Santa Claus

Baby J was so adorable on Santa's lap.

Belle smiled and told Santa she wants Hello Kitty stuff.

Bentley was zonked out through most of it. I couldn't believe he slept through all the noise.

My Sisters. Aren't they beautiful(:
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Chad and Annabelle

Bentley boy waiting for his breakfast.

All the little cousins were out back playing away.

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