Sunday, January 12, 2014

January Activities so far..

We have been enjoying the new year so far! We have been so blessed with health and I pray that it continues. The kids have enjoyed getting out and going on bike rides. Bentley has had two flats so far so I hope that we can keep the stickers and thorns from affecting our rides too much. The kids love jumping on their trampoline, playing with their trains, and other toys they got from Christmas. Bailey and Wyatt love playing with her baby dolls, all of the kids love this I spy book I got for Bentley and will sit all together looking at it for long periods of time. They are glad to be back in their activities like preschool for Bentley and Dance for Bailey. I think all kids just like to be on the go and if not they are bouncing off the walls. We were so lucky to get to go out to the desert with my family. It is a favorite passed time where we go shoot guns, ride motorcylce's, quads, rangers etc, we bbq, and the kids play in the dirt with trucks. I was proud of myself for riding the motorcycle because it has been a looooooong time since I got on one. The kids had a grand ole time and so did Jon and I!
We went to pick Jon up from work one day and the kids begged to go inside. Here is Bailey sitting at Jon's desk. She had scribbled over paper, played with the stapler and, was talking on the phone before we even knew she was there.
Here is Wyatt with all the blankets he likes to sleep with. I let him have three which I thought was a lot, but in the morning with out fail he will have seven more that he went and got out of his drawer.

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