Thursday, January 09, 2014

My Birthday, Disneyland, and the Beach!

Back in November Jon came to me and said I want to take our family to Disneyland around your and Bailey's birthdays. I said "no thats to close to Christmas and maybe we should go at a later date." However, Jon reminded me that Bailey and Wyatt would be free if we went before Bailey's birthday and that it would be a perfect time to go. I agreed and so began our preparations, or should I say Jon's preparations for our week vacation in California. Vacations overwhelm me, but Jon did a great job securing our tickets, hotel, transportation, and other activities while we would be in California. We didn't want to tell the kids so we could surprise them. When we were almost there Jon told the kids we were going to Disneyland the next few days and at first the looks on their faces were like ya right... but after a few seconds they were laughing and smiling with joy! When we got to the hotel they thought it was so cool that they got to share a bed and that we would all be sleeping in the same room. I wish I could share their sentiments. Although the week would prove to be a terrible sleeping pattern for Wyatt, the other kids slept sound. Wyatt got very sick, but we were glad to have all the distractions! We realized we could be miserable at home with a sick baby or we could put him in a stroller and still enjoy all the fun Jon had planned. The kids excitement was radiating from everywhere. They even loved the bus ride we got to take to Disneyland. Bailey and I both got Birthday pins to wear and it was fun getting special treatment and Happy Birthdays from a lot of strangers kindly extending their well wishes. Bailey loved seeing the characters and got some pictures taken with Cinderella, Tiana, Tigger, her favorite princess Sophia,and E'ore. Another fun Side note is that my brother Michael and his family had also planned a trip to Disneyland and so we were able to meet up with them a little on the first day and all day the second day which was spent at California Adventure. Some of the highlights besides all the fun rides, were seeing the Aladdin show which was so good and like a broadway, watching the color light show to the soundtrack of Frozen (where they shoot water up in a very calculated manner to create a sort of water dance), watching the fireworks at Disneyland on our third day and having it "snow", watching the many parades, eating delicious food and treats, and looking at all the fun stuff in the gift shops. OH ya and having a bus full of people sing happy birthday to Bailey. She loved it! I don't think there is anything quite like watching your children's faces with pure excitement on them the whole day minus a few melt downs of course:)We loved it and although Jon and I were thoroughly exhausted we would do it again in a heart beat. After our second day at disneyland/california adventure, we went to the beach. It was my actual birthday and I wanted to go relax and get some donuts and have a picnic on the beach for the day. We didn't know my brother and sister in law had the same plans so I was in shock when we pulled up and saw their four boys swimming in the ocean. What a fun surprise. We donuts, playing in the sand, football, and visiting together. They took off to head home so we went to go get some pizza and bring it back for our picnic on the beach. They kids had fun running from the seagulls and just being out in the nice ocean atmosphere. After that we headed back to the hotel to sit in the hot tub and then get ready for my birthday dinner. Jon treated me to Cheesecake factory and he and the kids got me some nice cards with gift certificates in them.( sadly I lost them from the restaurant to the hotel and event though Jon went back to retrace our steps they were no where to be found :( Although I was sad about that, I did have the most wonderful birthday ever thanks to Jon and the kids. The next day was day 3 at Disneyland so we got right to bed. It was a blast and we really liked this extra day to hit our favorites, go on rides we hadn't gone on yet, and watch the many shows offered. We enjoyed the raved about corn dogs, dole whips, and churros while there. Our last night we watched the magical show of fireworks and let the kids pick out a souvenir to take home. A big thanks goes to Jon for planning, and carrying out our fun trip, and for making it possible! This was a Birthday to remember for me! When I got home my mom took me birthday shopping, and to lunch since I was gone on my actual birthday. She is the best and I always have such fun hanging out with her!

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