Thursday, January 09, 2014

December/ Christmas Activities

December was filled with the usual activities minus the week in California! We made candy houses, went to see Santa, created an herb box for Grandma with the kids hand prints on it, drove around looking at Christmas lights, delivered treats to our neighbors, went Christmas shopping, had FHE on the true meaning of Christmas and tried to get the kids to understand as much as possible. We also went to see the lights at the temple which had new white statues set up in front of the temple which were so beautiful and brought the spirit even more. The kids always love this and they love to see the Large Statue of Christ in the visitors center. I love being able to talk to them about temples and their purpose. We had a wonderful Christmas and it all started with celebrations at my Aunt Corina's house. We had Pizza, the most delicious desserts, and wings. We got some of the group together for minute to win it games. That was really fun and a cause for laughter. My grandma also had a dice game where you win gifts. The kids got some silver dollars and enjoyed playing together. We read from the bible about Christ's birth and sang carols. Lastly we walked around the neighborhood looking at lights. After that we all said good bye and went home to get our kids in bed before Santa came! Jon and I got the tree all set up and stockings stuffed. We had to set up a few toys but mostly it was low key and then we got to bed ourselves. Oh I almost forgot, I made Cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning and I was so excited because they actually turned out. They were delicious. Christmas morning I was the first one up as usual so I went in the kitchen to make an egg casserole and sausage to add to breakfast cinnamon rolls. By the time I was done the rest of the house started to stir. Once everyone was up we went in to open up stockings and see what Santa brought. Bentley was so excited to get a new green bike, Bailey a huge pink horse that she hadn't stopped asking for since October, Wyatt a new green scooter, and Jon and I even got a new blender from Santa. Next, we stopped to eat breakfast and then finished opening gifts after that. It was a very nice Christmas and we feel so blessed to have spent it together as a family. After that the kids went to town playing with their new toys. They all loved the new Train table Jon and I got them as a group gift. When it was time we headed over to my parents for Christmas lunch and to open gifts from cousins and Grandma and Grandpa. Christmas lunch was scrumptious. It was fun to spend time with extended family once again and let all the kids play. they exchanged gift and then us adults played a white elephant gift game. My parents also got the kids a trampoline and Bailey a beautiful doll that acts real:) Wyatt loves it as much as she does. Also Jon and I got a new tent big enough for our whole family and some. We are so excited to make memories as a family with it. Well to say I feel extremely blessed would be an understatement. Although the holidays can be stressful, I am always amazed at the sweet spirit that hangs around all season long. Sadly it came and went too fast! Until next year....

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