Sunday, March 09, 2014

Gilbert Temple Open House and other January events!

Well the end of January was busy! Jon's parents came to visit and to attend the New Gilbert temple open house with us. We don't get to see them often so their visits are a treat. The kids love to be teased by Grandpa Anderson and the love being read to by Grandma Anderson. While they were here they mostly sky dived but we were glad for the chance to get to visit with them even if it was just for a short while. Jon was very sick while they were here so that was a bummer, but what can you do... Anyways, on the Saturday they were here we all got ready and attended the Temple open house. It was beyond a neat experience and I am so grateful for the chance we had to take our kids. We watched a short video introduction at the stake house close by about temples. Then we walked a short distance to the temple where the put white booties on our shoes to protect the inside of the temple. The sheer size and beauty of the temple are hard to even describe in words. I get teary eyed just thinking about it. The great workman ship and hand of the lord are seen all throughout the temple and upon entering it I felt a complete peace wash over me. This didn't surprise me as I know whose house the temple is. What did surprise me was the way the children responded to the same feelings. They loved seeing all the beautiful paintings, art work, stained glass, gorgeous chandeliers, and the amazing tile work in the baptistry. Those were just to name a few. Bentley was a little more curious and asked specific questions about what things were. I loved being able to answer him and tell him that one day he would have the chance to preform such important work for himself, his family, and for others! Bailey's reaction when we walked in the celestial room I will never forget. It's like she instantly felt the presence of Jesus and she new it. She turned and looked at me and said, "mom where is Jesus?", "I don't see him"... She had said those words right when we walked in and then of course was so amazed at all the beauty that surrounded her. I also felt the distinct spirit of my savior there and it continued as we walked into the sealing rooms. My brother Kevin was with us and it was so neat to see him take it all in. I hope that the spirit of that day will always be remembered by me and by those who were with me. I am so grateful for temples and for the opportunity to have so many close! I am so blessed to be able to serve in them often and to feel of the peace and comfort that is offered there! Bentley saw a church video recently that showed a sealing room and I was happy to hear him exclaim "mom thats where I will get married"! I was so glad he remembered the things that were taught to him that day and that he has already decided that is where he will be married. I hope and pray with all my heart he doesn't forget these feelings and that the testimony he has will only continue to grow. I hope this for all my children! I was lucky to be able to go a few days later to the open house with the youth in my ward that I am in charge of. That was also a wonderful experience and it was so neat to see their faces and to hear their comments on how they felt! Bentley was able to start Flag football with a good friend. He has so much fun learning to play and it is a great outlet for boys energy in my opinion. He is doing so well. Bentley at his first football practice. He loves playing football but still has quite a bit to learn.
Bentley and Bailey had their friends Bailey and Braden over for lunch.
Wyatt goofing around with the field markers at practice.
Grandpa Anderson came for a visit and here is Wyatt with him making silly faces
Here we are with Jons parents at the Gilbert Temple Open House! My brother Kevin was also able to come along with us on this visit!
I was lucky to get to Celebrate birthdays with friends! We went to Pita Jungle, then to get pedicures, and for good measure we had to try the new Waffles at the waffle luv truck! My friends are the best!
We took the kids to see Monster Jam. It is a very intense show with lots of Monster trucks jumping, spinning, and crashing. The kids had a blast!
Here is Wyatt all tuckered out after the show.
My best friend Jade had us over for dinner to her new, beautiful home. It was delicious!
Here the kids are loving the new sleeping bags Grandma and Grandpa Anderson got them for Christmas!
The new Riverview Park is now open. It is full of fun and danger! The kids had a blast but I definitely felt a lot of anxiety with all the tall climbing structures, zip line, and with it being so close to a busy road!

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