Thursday, January 09, 2014

Bailey's Birthday and Dance Recital

The Sunday after we got home from Disneyland was Bailey's birthday! So she got to celebrate all week long! My parents got her a play kitchen so Jon and I got her lots of fun play food and utensils to go with it. She was so shocked to see the kitchen in the play room and then got a huge smile on her face once she realized it was for her to keep. She has always wanted her very own. The kids have all had fun playing with it and making me fun things to eat:) Their favorite is to ask me what cookies or cake I want and then bake it for me. They also love cutting the play wood fruit and vegetables that are stuck together with velcro. Bailey loved the play birthday cake and they all like to sing happy birthday to each other. Another fun gift was an apron that my grandma Curtis sewed for bailey just her size. It is Strawberry shortcake pattern and it fits her perfectly. Bailey asked me to make her a bunny cake, so bunny cake she had! It was strawbery cake with cream cheese frosting. I did my best and I think it turned out ok seeing how it was my first bunny cake! Bailey's aunt Heidi, uncle Tyler, uncle Collin, Grandma Curtis, and Grandpa Curtis came to celebrate and eat cake and ice cream with us. We just did things low key since we just got back from our trip and Bailey hadn't been feeling well! Bailey also had her first Dance recital. I was nervous because at practice she wanders around a lot and doesn't follow her instructor. However, once she saw that stage she got so excited. I was so surprised that she performed perfectly and that she wanted to do it again. I am so proud of our pretty little dancer. She is growing up so fast and learning to do so much. She likes to express her self more through word, art, and dance. She also loves to read books, play dolls, put on makeup, and do whatever her big brother is doing. She likes when we take special outings with just her! She loves her daddy and wants him to do everything for her. She tries to mother Wyatt and most times it ends in a screaming match between the two. She likes to sing her own made up tunes and spin around in dress ups. She is looking forward to going to preschool next year and cant wait to dance on the "big" stage again! I consider her my free spirit!

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