Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jons Birthday!

This year Jon turned the big 34! It is crazy that we are well into our thirties! Time flies when your having fun! We had fun celebrating Jon with family at Kneaders, then with just our little family at the Diamond Backs baseball game! After work we took Jon to Hard Rock Cafe for a delicious dinner and then we were off to the game. It was a great game and fun watching some awesome ball players. We had great seats and even got to meet some of the players before the game. We left Sophia with a babysitter so we could actually watch but before we left she gave Jon some birthday hugs and we opened gifts the kids and I had got Jon! The day before I also made angel food cake and celebrated at my parents house with all of our family. Jon is the rock of our family and we love his so much! He works so hard to provide for us and make sure we are well taken care of. He is always so positive and is the one to lift me up when life gets me down. He is handsome and strong and is a smart man! I am grateful that he fulfills his calling as a husband and dad, but also in his calling at church. He is loves helping others and we love him so much!

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