Saturday, May 14, 2016

March 2016

 Fun dinner with some of my long time friends
 Sophia sporting her grandpa Curtis reading glasses
 Sophia loves playing house in the playhouse out in her Grandma and Grandpa Curtis' backyard
 Watching the tortoise at the Lehi days rodeo
 Feeding the goats
 Bailey riding a horse. She loves horses
 Bentley had fun as well.
 Sohpia didn't like it and Wyatt wouldn't even get on. You win some ya lose some..
 Cute little chicks

 They loved holding these sweet little rabbits
 Wyatt loved the calf riding and rodeo part!
 Eating dinner with the sister missionaries from our ward.
 Nice day for a picnic at the park
 Cousin fun! dressing up is a favorite!
 Sophia is really starting to love baby dolls and is so nurturing already! It is so crazy to see the stark difference between boys and girls and what comes natural.
 Sophia is like " are all these pancakes for me?" Ihop for dinner!
 Wyatt loved his pancakes and the options of syrups!
 Bentley is like a bottomless pit when it comes to eating pancakes! All you can eat at Ihop was right up his alley.
 Bailey like the eggs with her pancakes like me!
 Ring around the rosies with Sophia while Bailey has soccer practice.
 Every morning the kids ask if they can snuggle in bed with us. Here is Jon with some of the cuddle bugs!
 Bailey was so excited to get her very own soccer trophy that I found her like this asleep!
 Sunday dinner with the cousins is always a favorite.
 Wyatt loves to build and play super heroes. He now eats broccoli better so he can be like hulk!
 Fun play time at one of our favorite parks
Bailey June

 Sophia Kay
 Bentley Jonathan
 Wyatt Jonathan

 Wyatt got some cute super hero dress ups from his grandma and grandpa Curtis that he loves.
 Bentley started Baseball this month and is doing so well! He really has learned so much and is a natural athlete and good sport!

 After the game we hit up Bahama Bucks with the family.
Our family on Easter Sunday!

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