Sunday, March 09, 2014

Preschool for Bailey and Championship game for Bentley

The month of March has started off with a bang! Bailey started preschool which she absolutely loves and is so excited about. After some work I was a able to get the teacher and days we wanted hooray!! She is with Bentley's old teacher Miss Mary and so she is really comfortable already with her and the classroom was familiar. I was terrified even more to send her on the bus then I was with Bentley, but she was too excited to go on the bus that I couldn't say no. I will continue to monitor and see how I feel about this bus situation. I mean she is only 3! I can't wait to see how much she learns:) She picked out a pink barbie backpack against my urgings toward another one. She loves it and tries to fill it with all sorts of things! Bentley ended his season of Flag football playing for the NY Giants by making it to the Championship game against the Dolphins. The team they played were all older and bigger. They also had played together for a few years making it hard for our little unexperienced team to score. However, the kids all had a blast, and Bentley didn't know whether he won or lost so thats good! He just loved playing and was a great quarterback! He also had wonderful coaches and teammates!

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