Sunday, March 09, 2014

Bentley's 5th birthday!

Bentley is 5! I can't believe my first born is already that old. It is crazy/scary how time can just pass us by like this. Bentley is still my sweet, sensitive, smart, handsome boy. He tells be several times a day "momma your beautiful" or "momma I love you"! Sometimes those sweet words help me to get through the particularly tough days and so I am so thankful for his sweet spirit. Bentley brought sugar cookies to school with him on his birthday and had fun celebrating with his class. He came home with a fun birthday crown on! Bentley has a had a party for every birthday since he was born so this year I decided we would just keep it small. Bentley wanted a football cake. He told me he wanted the whole field so I did me best:) He also wanted to go bowling. So I told him he could invite one friend and then family members would go. My mom, Collin, Tyler, and our little family with Bentley's friend were the ones who ended up going. We all had fun and decided we needed to go bowling more often. Bentley got some awesome gifts he had been wanting and his friend got him a skateboard. I thought it was funny that Bentley really wanted an alarm clock, but he and the other kids love it. This clock tells him what time it is and tells him when it's time to get up! He also got some wii games and a wii controller that he loves. Bentley loves the color blue, his favorite things to do are play with friends (Brock in particular), play football, play the wii (he is so good it's scary), and something he really loves to do as of late is to read! He asks me to listen to him read several times a day and has even started reading to his little brother and sister. I love that his preschool teacher is teaching him book of mormon names because he can help read the scriptures when I am reading to the kids too. Bentley loves quesadilla's and ice cream. He colors pictures( in the lines now!) and even creates scenes on paper by drawing them. He loves to go on long bike rides and play at the park. He loves to dance and makes us laugh hysterically with some of the booty shaking he does. He is mostly up beat and I am told by people that know him as well as complete strangers that he radiates happiness and is always smiling. He is a great older brother and is so good to share with and help his siblings. We love you Bentley!

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