Monday, May 05, 2014

March photo and info drop 2014

March was a fun month however Wyatt got really sick with a deep cough and cold so I had to take him to visit the doctors. I was frustrated he wasn't getting better because it was his birthday this month and I wanted him to be able to enjoy it. The doctor gave me a medicine to give him that helped with the swelling in his larynx. This helped him get better quickly and by his birthday he was ready to party! We celebrated as a family by going to oregano's and to Jump street. The kids loved both and Wyatt wore himself out jumping on the blow up slides and the trampolines. The next Monday I took him to the doctors for his well visit and he was all better and still measuring very tall. He and bailey are similar height and Wyatt ways slightly more than Bailey even though she is 15 months older. We are so grateful to have Wyatt in our family! He is the perfect mixture of cuddly and tough. He will cuddle and give kisses one second and be wrestling and boxing the next. He likes to rough house and gets mad when Bailey and Bentley don't want to take part in his wrestling matches. He is determined and will climb to get anything he wants. If he wants a snack he will get it, even if it is way up high. He has the best smile and funniest little puckered lips. He is starting to get little freckles under his eyes and the bridge of his nose and I think they are so cute! He still has a huge square head with thick fluffy brown hair on top. He has gotten two new molars and still has two more to go. He loves to run and jump and be outside riding scooters or bikes. He likes to show off how strong he is by lifting objects over his head. I love his little run because he has a skip in it every few steps especially when he is excited. He only drinks sippy cups or cups now... no more bottles yay! He thinks he wants to potty train and I will frequently find him trying to take care of it himself. He is the boss even though he is the youngest and usually gets what he wants with his shrilling screams. Bentley and Bailey love him and take good care of him mostly:) He is a daddy's boy at the moment and lights up when Jon is home. He loves trucks and motorcycles and likes to play pretend. He hates shoes or sandals of any kind and will mostly be found bare foot. We are so happy to have his spunky/loving/tough personality in our family. The following week we attended the Hermosa Vista school carnival and had a blast! The kids wanted to race each other in these big blown up hamster like balls. They really enjoyed that and the blow up obstacle course. Bentley still loves to ride his bike, play with friends especially Brock, play the wii, read books, and play football or baseball with his cousins. Bailey still loves to dance and is starting to get quite the imagination. She will come up to me and say mom do you want to play with me, you can be this doll or this dog or pony. She also asks me to braid her hair like the princess on the movie frozen and to make a long cape for her to wear. She loves animals and will also ask me to let her ride the dolphins and swim with them. She still loves her pink horse and any stuffed animal for that matter and tries to sneak even more home from grandma curtis's.(still trying to teach her about stealing and not taking other peoples things. In other news my cousin Mckenna got engaged and we were able to be apart of the special day! We held signs and sparklers. Photos to follow

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