Sunday, March 09, 2014

Snow trip 2014!

Well it wasn't a very great winter so we barely got any snow up in the mountains. My brother Chad and his wife Jessica were so kind to call us and invite us up to stay with them on a weekend it was snowing. This was the weekend right before Bentley's 5th birthday so we decided it would be fun if Jon took him up skiing for the his first time. My parents, Collin, and my brother Michaels family were also able to come up. We all had a fun weekend hanging out, playing in the snow, building snowmen (Belle built a few smaller ones and then I helped her build a big one), sledding, and skiing. It was also fun to have everyone there to sing Happy Birthday to Bentley. I made some cupcakes and thought it would be a good idea to do it while we had most the family together. Sadly Jon didn't take any picturea of Bentley skiing but said he did a good job. He said it was super tiring but that Bentley had fun! The best was when my mom lined all her older grandsons up and gave them a lesson on skiing. She is the most Awesome grandma and my kids are lucky to have her!

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