Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch with friends!

Bentley loved the bounce house at the pumpkin patch and didn't want to leave!
He loves all animals and thinks they are cool.
Of course we had to swing "real high"
This was a bigger jumpy thing but Bentley just kept falling over.
Bailey was enjoying herself and was so good the entire time.
The three musketeers! They were confused why we had them hold hands.
Bailey and I enjoyed the cow ride.
Bentley with his friends.(Wes, Bentley, Parker, Dean)
Bentley loved this buggy! I had to push him so I didn't love it so much:)
Getting bigger!
Some friends and I got our kids together and enjoyed the fall Pumpkin Patch. We all had so much fun and so did all the children. We had fun visiting, playing, and eating together. We need to get together more often. Bentley loves when he has someone else to play with. He turns into crazy Bentley and starts being loud and running around. I don't mind and I love to see him having fun!

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