Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Labor Day at Chad and Jessica's!

We were invited to go up to Chad and Jessica's house in Pinetop for Labor Day. They are such wonderful hosts and always make us feel at home. There home is beautiful and in such a great location. Their backyard backs up to the forest so not only do they have a fun backyard but they also have an endless yard to go hiking! We were in heaven and Jon wishes that we could move there. Being up in the nice weather, with nature, and family we couldn't be any happier. We had delicious meals, late nights talking, cousins playing all day together, and a fun trip to the race car track. Everyone had so much fun. The boys went spot lighting for deer and elk, shot the pellet gun, and we went to visit the ranch where my Grandpa West grew up. We roasted smores and sat around the fire visiting. Thank you Chad and Jessica for such an amazing time!

Our family in front of the home my Grandpa West grew up in.
Heidi the lone ranger:)
Our kids love Jon and they love being outdoors
Bentley and cousin Belle. She is so sweet.
View out the bedroom window
This is the place where my mom and her siblings would spend their summers playing
Jon and Bailey staring up at the big blue sky
Belle and my mom
This was the old ranch house my great great grandma lived in. She fed the historic indian Geronimo in this place when he was passing through. I was also told that when the kids were being bad, she would go hike the hill near by and sit on top of a rock until she found peace. The kids called it moms rock. haha I can't imagine living in one room while raising children. I would for sure go crazy.
Heidi and Juliette
Jon helping tile this room. He did such a good job!
Jon with Chad and his neighbor. They were helping Chads neighbor tile a room in his house.
Me with my mom, her sister Leeann, my grandpa west, and his brother Lonny and wife.
Belle teaching Bailey how to play the piano
We loved having cousin time!
They had so much fun together! Bentley, Belle, Collin, J

Bailey loved the kiddie swing
We loved the wild flowers
We loved being in nature
We loved the relaxing hammock
The boys loved having my mom swing them!

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