Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Bentley the big boy

Bentley is now 32 months. Almost 3:) He likes to think he is a big boy now which kind of makes me sad. He still has to hit a few more tasks to be considered a real big boy, so I guess I still have some time. I love this Bentley boy so much and when he snuggles with me I call him Benter-loo. Just a little pet name when he is being extra sweet and cuddly. He loves wrestling with his bigger cousins. As soon as he sees his cousin Tate, he thinks it's time to wrestle! He loves to play outside. Luckily my mom has a fun backyard and they are close! He will play outside for hours. He loves to swing, jump on the trampoline, swim, play in the sand, ride bikes around, play with his cars on the picnic table(a favorite). He also has recently started begging me to play the wii with him or to play games on my phone. The latter two I don't love but still have fun racing him in mario kart:) He is a sweet boy but has a strong opinion lately on what he wants to do for the day or what he wants to eat. This has made things a little more difficult and we've had more tantrums and time outs than I would like. Hopefully it is just a phase. He is deathly afraid of the toilet and I have tried many different techniques to get him interested. I think I will just wait until he is ready so I don't push him. On that note, we did have one day where out of no where Bentley asked to put on his big boy underwear. I was shocked! Jon put them on and unfortunately I was on my way out the door to the mall to get something to eat with my mom and return something. I didn't want to make him take the undies off so I just took him without a diaper to the mall. I knew there would be an accident and just planned on it. After being at the mall for an hour I took him to the bathroom and tried to get him to go. Nothing came so I gave up and walked him back to the food court. As soon as we sat back down he starts going "uh oh uh oh"! Yep, he waited to go until we sat back down. After a tedious clean up and explanation to Bentley why he could not keep the underwear on, we went back to get my mom and Bailey had dumped Bentley's full strawberry milkshake all over her. Fun times! Anyway, Bentley is such a smart little boy. He loves to read and color letters, and he also loves to count. Where ever we are he will point out letters or numbers to me. I love to hear him in the back of the car saying" T, L,N" its so cute. He can count to ten by himself and he loves to read books. He is tall and skinny as can be. I love my little guy!

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