Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Bailey is 9 months old now!

Wow it has been awhile since I've updated. Time to play catch up. Bailey flew through her 8 month and is now 9 months old. She is such a sweetheart to have around and a joy to be with. Although I don't know if Bentley would agree:) She follows his every move and tries to play with all the toys he currently likes. She usually wins the fight and Bentley will come to me tattling that Bailey is bothering him. Ohhhhhh children! Bailey weighs 18 lbs, is 24 in tall, and she has two teeth. I feel like she has been teething for two months but still no sign of any other teeth. She has beautiful thick brown hair and the cutest little body that cruises around all day long. We had to get a gate for the stairs because she was climbing up them every chance she could get. She will bump something with her head like your leg or a chair to get it to move out of her path. She loves to climb over and up things. This is new to me because Bentley was not a getter into, but Bailey on the other hand is always up to something. She loves to do anything the big kids or adults do and doesn't seem to care for a toy unless Bentley is playing with it. She still has the biggest smile that will light up any room. She loves to show us new things she has learned and gets the cutest face when she is proud of herself and we clap for her. She is trying to take steps and is balancing quite well. We might just have a walking girl by halloween! She loves going for walks and riding in the wagon. Bailey loves her daddy and loves it when he tosses her high up in the air or tickles her. She loves real food and will not eat baby food. Some times I have to get creative with what I feed her. I can't believe how fast babies grow but it seems as though Bailey is on the fast track even more to grow up. Her little personality is stubborn, silly, cuddly, curious, and sweet.

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