Wednesday, December 01, 2010

More Halloween fun!

Collin as sponge bob and Annabelle as arial.

Bentley had a glow necklace on so we wouldn't lose the little guy

Bentley and I with the finished product

Bentley and Jon cleaning the seeds out of the pumpkin

The boys carving their pumpkins. Chad was carving arial in his for his daughter Annabelle

Kevin and Heidi showing their artistic side as well by free carving their designs

Bentley getting ready to go to the carnival.

Our scary Halloween pumpkin.

We even got to meet Barney and Baby bop

He loved riding these miniature ponies.

At the Buddy walk picking out his pumpkin

Our cute Superman

We started the Halloween day off by joining my mom and some of Bentley's cousins and Collin at the annual Buddy walk. The kids all had so much fun. There were tons of activities and yummy treats everywhere. That evening we joined my family at their ward party and let Bentley go trick or treating with Collin, Belle, and J. Bentley made the cutest superman! He was so much fun to take around and play the carnival games with at my parents ward party. He loved dancing to the music and he was so excited to go to each house trick or treating. He would grab a piece of candy and automatically put it right into his bucket for safe keeping.

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