Friday, December 31, 2010

December recap #1

Temple lights!
Bed Time
Bentley And J
Daddy and Bentley
My Birthday cake! 26...yikes
Jon took us to see the Tempe boat Christmas light parade
Bentley loves lights! He kept saying "Wow"
Mommy and Bentley in front of the Cars boat
Me, my cousin Julianne, and sis-in law Amber all prego.
little Angel sleeping

The month of December flew by even faster than ever! We celebrated by making a gingerbread house, going to see the temple lights, celebrating with family, christmas shopping and wrapping, ect. We also celebrated my 26 birthday. Jon surprised me and took me to my favorite pizza place, Spinato's in Tempe! Next, he took us to the Tempe town christmas light boat parade. I had never been, but it was so fun and it kept us all entertained for a couple hours. These boats had more lights on them then most houses. They were very creative and fun to see. Bentley just loved it and we will probably make a family tradition of it from now on. Jon also got me a beautiful birth stone ring for my birthday and brought martinelli's and other goodies to share while we watched the parade. I loved it all and the night couldn't have ended more perfectly with cake and ice cream at my parents home. Bentley is growing up so fast. He loves to trick us into giving him a hat or toy when going down for a nap or to sleep with at night. He loves bath time and splashing water everywhere. He is talking so much now. He really just grew up over night it seems. He loves to be our helper and he loves giving hugs and kisses. Bentley also loves to play with friends and cousins. He turns into a different kid when he's running around playing with other kids. Normally he is shy and quiet but once you get him going he is loud and crazy! We love him so much and greatful to have his sweet spirit in our family!


Julz said...

UMM Hello Where are the baby pictures, dont just forget about us non-facebookers!:)

Paul and Jenny Stoker said...

i second Julz's comment. These are all really cute pics, but where is the baby.