Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall is here!

Pumpkin patch corn maze and picking out pumkins

Me and my boy!

Walking cooper and maverik

Finally it feels like fall has come..... the weather has changed and is just beautiful! We love going for walks outside and have taken Bentley to the parks quite a bit lately. He loves being outside and even insists on holding the dog leashes when we walk the dogs. It is so cute/funny to watch the dogs pulling him down the street, but he just loves the responsibility. We also got a new stroller since the baby will be here in less than two months. It can be a single or double jogging stroller so I am excited to use it. I have been working four full days a week and have been so busy that I honestly haven't really thought about how close we are to this little girls arrival. I feel the pressure to get going on things and getting ready for her to come. Bentley is turning into a big boy right before my eyes and is learning new things everyday. He loves to play with trucks, any kind of ball, and shoot baskets in his basket ball hoop. He has loved having Jon around to rough house with since I can't do that with him. Bentley also loves to be with the "big kids" and will try all the fun things they are doing. Bentley now asks for help, says please and thank you, says up and down, and my favorite when he wants us to change his diaper he says ewwwwww. It has been wonderful being back together as a family and enjoying this fall season together. We went to a fun pumpkin patch with Bentley and he loved the animals and the barrel ride. He also got to pick out his pumpkin and eat yummy bbq.

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Jen West said...

Great update! I am so glad you are all together, too. You look great for having only 2 months left :)