Thursday, May 14, 2015

Krazy Air with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson and a crazy few weeks!

Jons parents stopped by for a visit on their way down to a skydiving trip. The plan was to spend Monday with us and then leave the next day to Elloy for a bit and then finally head on over to California. We wanted to take advantage of the short time with them so we planned a fun filled day. We went to a fun trampoline/foam pit/slack line/wall climbing place that we love, called Krazy Air. Everyone had a blast and even Grandma and Grandpa got in and tried everything. After that we had lunch and then headed to the movies. The kids loved the movie and I can't even remember what it was called now. Next we walked around and let the kids play at the outdoor playground while we window shopped. After that Jon and I wanted to treat Grandma and Grandpa to dinner so we took them to one of our Favorite restaurants called Kona Grill. It was relish as usual. We decided to celebrate both Jon and grandma Anderson's birthday since we were all together so we sang Happy Birthday to them and had delicious Key lime pie. It was a great day and the kids loved hanging out with their grandparents they hardly ever see. This is where things got messy. My In laws headed down to Elloy to get in some sky dive jumps before going to a skydiving place in California where they would spend the whole next week. After a whole day jumping and about four jumps, mom had a terrible accident! Jon called and told me she was being Air Vacced on a helicopter to maricopa county hospital. She had broke her femur and foot along with who knows what other injuries. I was in shock. I couldn't believe we had just seen them the day before and now this! I was concerned about what else might be wrong and we prayed hard that her surgery would go well. You see we always worry about them because they always do such extreme activities and now it was evident that it was catching up with them. Jon headed to the hospital to be with his mom and dad. His mom was in so much pain but would be alright. We kept thinking about how nice it would be to see them longer but didn't want it to happen this way. Mom had to heal before she could travel back to Canada. This meant she would spend the next little while with us in our home until she was approved to travel home. It is dangerous after a major surgery to travel because not only is the pain horrific but also the chance that a blood clot would form and possibly dislodge. My Father in Law decided he would still head over to Califonia to finish skydiving while we cared for My Mother in Law. She thought it would be best since she would be stuck for who knows how long. It was a tough week and a half on everyone but we were so glad that mom would eventually heal and also that we got to spend that time with her and care for her. The kids haven't spent that much time with her ever and even though it was less than ideal circumstances we were grateful to spend that one on one time with her and know that she would be ok. It was a miracle nothing more happened! she is now back in Canada and is doing well! She has a titanium rod in her leg but her foot is healing well. I am thankful for answers to prayer and that she survived this near death experience.

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