Thursday, May 14, 2015

Endless birthdays in April

We celebrated many birthdays in the month of April. First up was Heidi's. She turned the big 18! I am excited for her to enter this new stage of life with graduation and then college, but I am also sad because she won't be around anymore. We will miss her greatly but look forward to our visits with her and seeing her learn and grow! We all met up at Geckos grill to enjoy some mexican food and celebrate fiesta style. After we took Heidi to a delicious cupcake store called Sweet Tooth Fairy. My mom offered to get everyone and the birthday girl a cupcake! Next up was Kyle's birthday. He turned 28 and sadly we weren't able to meet up with him on his birthday because he left out of town to go turkey hunting with some of the boys in the family. Collin was the only one who ended up getting one but it was an awesome looking Tom! And last but not least! My dear, sweet, Jon had his 33rd birthday! I sort of surprised him by taking him to eat at Charlestons and then meeting up with friends to play at Top Golf. He guessed where we were going on our way. He always guesses my surprises dang it. Anyway he got some nice BYU Corn hole game boards for his birthday and the kids gave him a swimsuit and new shirt. I think it was a fun night and we enjoyed getting to celebrate! That Sunday after Jons birthday we also sang him the birthday song along with Kyle since we couldn't get everyone together on their birthdays! It was fun to have almost everyone together and Chad and Jess announced they are having another little girl. Yay! I love family and I am glad I get to spend this earth life with such amazing people!

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