Thursday, May 14, 2015

A visit from a Best Friend

I was so lucky to get to have one of my dearest and best friends come visit me all the way from Texas! She and I were roommates in college and have become life long friends. She gets me and I get her. No amount of time or space can come between us and we pick up right where we left off. She is strong and a great example to me of Faith, Love, and patience. She came when my Mother in Law was still staying with us and healing from her accident. There was no complaining from her that we had to put her on a twin bed we squeezed into the babies room. It was a packed house but we still planned and had a lot of fun regardless of the circumstances. Jon and my dear mother were so kind to watch the kids several times while Brittany and I went to have girls time. We rode bikes, ate yogurt, visited for hours, played with the kids, went to eat, and hiked camelback mountain! It was a quick trip but one I needed and I am so glad she came. She is a great girl and is beautiful on the inside and out.

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