Thursday, May 14, 2015

Easter and Conference

Easter and Conference were on the same day this year! I love celebrating Easter and it was a nice day to be as a family to celebrate the Savior Jesus Christ's Resurrection. We are able to watch our current church leaders in a wonderful conference every six months. They uplift us and help us to feel of the true purpose we are here. They also help me personally to feel peace and hope about otherwise dreadful situations. I am grateful to be apart of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints and I know without a doubt that Jesus Christ died for me and that he lives! I am grateful for the messages I heard on Family, and also on how to love my neighbors, and serve! We also had a fun little easter basket hunt before conference started. The Easter bunny left each of the kids and Jon a basket full of candies, toys, and new summer clothes. The boys got watches, Bailey got new sunglasses, and Sophia got new teething toys. Even though I know the commercial side of Easter has nothing to do with the actual holiday, I sure enjoy spoiling my little family and having fun. While that was a great time, we quickly turned the kids attention to the true meaning and reminded them about what we had discussed all week. I had shared with them each day what the savior went through the last week of his life on the particular day. I have small children, but I feel like by Sunday they had grasped the true meaning and were grateful in their hearts for a loving savior that sacrificed his life for each of theirs. Now watching conference on TV is always tricky with little ones but we did our best to keep them entertained and were able to soak in the messages ourselves. That morning we had bunny rabbit pancakes, and earlier in the week we dyed easter eggs at grandma Curtis'. We also got together with cousins the Saturday before Easter and had a cookie decorating contest and games. My mom is the best and always makes each one of us feel so loved. She gets out there and plays the games with the kids and sometimes I wonder how she has the energy to do it all! Jons parents came into town sunday Evening and we were able to put together a nice Easter dinner for them. Jon and I have been spoiled to live by my parents and don't have to cook big meals on the holidays very often. I was proud of how the ham and sides turned out! The kids participated in several Easter egg hunts. too many to count!

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