Monday, March 23, 2015

Valentines Day and our 25th Anniversary!

Valentines day seems like just another day to me. However, Jon always makes it special by taking me on a date, or buying me fresh flowers and my favorite candy, or giving me a card with sweet sentiments written in it. This year we celebrated with the kids and rented a movie. We had a good time just relaxing and hanging out! Another fun surprise was when we walked out that morning and had our yard full of hearts! My sweet visiting teachers and friends from church had heart attacked us! we all loved it and felt extra loved that day! This year it was our tenth anniversary on February 25th. It seems as though time has fast forwarded and the first ten years has gone by in the blink of an eye. When I stop to think about all that has gone on and how far we have come, I can't help but look forward to the next ten years, and it makes me excited to wonder about what forever will bring. I can't lie though, I do get anxiety thinking about the trials we have had and the trials that will lie ahead. However, I feel a peace that the lord knows us and he has always been with us through everything good and bad. He won't be far and all it takes is for me to stay close to him and pray for help. oh and of course to try to be humble! A little snap shot of our lives thus far...We have moved more times then I would like to count, Lived in seven states, had four kids, entered our 30's, changed jobs, graduated university, started 4 businesses(mostly jon, but I support him in doing it), held multiple callings in our church, fallen and gotten back up, created family memories, made new friends and kept the old, and pretty much settled into our life here in Arizona. Jon took me to stay at a nice hotel in Scottsdale and we had a rare night out together. We went to a delicious restaurant, then we got couples massages. After we got to go get our sweet newborn baby sophia to join us for the night. Jon got a room that had 180 degree views of the beautiful mountains and scenery. It was a gorgeous sunset and even better sun rise to wake up too. We had a delicious breakfast, and enjoyed spending that one on one time together. We set some goals for the future and i couldn't ask for a better husband to reach those goals with than Jon. He is the calm one and he keeps me positive and on track. I am so lucky to have him in my life and he has taught me so much and loved me through the good and the bad!


Tim and Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh that is so sweet! Way to go Jon! And you look beautiful in the pic!

Adell said...

How sweet! You guys are a great couple, I always enjoy reading your blog :)